When does stroke fatigue become chronic fatigue?


Certainly in the early stages of stroke recovery, many of us are just not interested in food or can’t eat, struggle eating. And that is bad if we are not taking in enough of the B vitamins to feed our brain as well as aiding its repair and recovery.

So its really quite easy for stroke survivors to become anaemic if you are not eating enough. And anaemia can cause tiredness, weakness as well as all its other symptoms and it can kill you if left untreated.

I was around 6mths post stroke when my bloods were checked and found I was low in folic acid (B9). After being on that a couple weeks the fatigue and brain fog started lifting. So I sincerely hope you get to enjoy a similar result :smile:


Thank you, I hope so.


‘One doctor says it isn’t from stroke this late in the game’

I still have awful fatigue after 9 months. My GP doesn’t seem to accept it’s post stroke fatigue and seems intent on saying it’s now chronic fatigue syndrome/ ME or even Fibromyalgia, which is just not right at all.
I just don’t think GPs have the expertise when it comes to the finer details of post stroke problems.

I also have friends whose husbands had strokes and they don’t have this awful fatigue. Everyone is different for sure.


It’s amazing how drs can vary so much. I sawmy GP on Thursday & she said some people suffer with long term fatigue post stroke yet like you I’ve also been told that this far on it must be something else causing it. All I know is that I never had it pre stroke & post stroke it has never gone away. My bloods show no deficiencies so logical conclusion for me & my GP is post stroke fatigue.

I hope your fatigue settles soon.