Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start

My early days were not easy, I wanted more than I could achieve, but was this a bad thing?
What could have been available, necessary, at the start of my journey as a newly stroked individual?

I’ve thrown together the following list in an attempt to answer these questions.
I share this, my humble offering, in the hope that it will be useful.

A few suggestions of what might be needed

information very simply presented kindergarten level in very small quantities
telling what to expect, the ups and downs in broad terms

human contact, company
reassurance, interaction and exchange with others in the same situation

the knowledge of not being alone
sharing with the experience of others

ways to make small advances, looking for small successes

addressing the restrictions stroke brings
getting help in the many ways possible

how to be happy, setting goals
how to deal with difficulty

recognising the need, the necessity to withdraw, not take part,
to simply to rest and recover

help dealing with friends, family, workmates those around also affected
explanations, how changes will happen

sharing the experience and the opportunity to do so

amusement, entertainment, distraction, games

I suppose the first thing required should be a powerful magic wand that would pack all this away and put things back to the way they were.

Fat chance,
so until that occurs I’ll just . . .

Keep on keepin’ on
(you could do the same)
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:

In case you are wondering about some of the slick formatting I have been using in recent posts, the following link will tell you more, (it works on this forum):
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Have fun !!


Have you seen the list from Jill Bolte tailor? It’s the appendix from her book stroke of insight

Have we previously had a useful book thread? Should we have a book review wiki-post? I remember a thread on books but it wasnt about useful stroke books it was just what I’m reading now and would recommend so romance and novels etc

I use as a ref for formatting this from Jeff Atwood (discourses main author).

We should maybe explore bbc & the valid HTML subset :slight_smile: ? There are things described as supported like font size that I haven’t been able to make work yet - maybe you can work out what the trick is? Maybe MSG doesn’t have the options loaded??

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@SimonInEdinburgh I very much doubt I will be studying any books about stroke, probably won’t be doing study of any kind at this stage, if ever.

Stroke is a very day to day experience for me. The study and in depth stuff I will leave to those who feel there is something there for them.

I’m sorry to be so trivial and lacking in seriousness, but that is where I find myself.

May your enterprise fair well . . .

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


Gosh don’t apologise or characterise as trivial.

I fully appreciate that making a cup of tea can be harder than climbing Everest and should receive a bigger accolade for the individual who is challenged the most.

I observe you frequently go well beyond the cup of tea. More power to your elbow :slight_smile:

I quite understand the “ain’t going to read a book”. I have read one since my traumatic event. I’ve read a few papers which are shorter although probably denser.
I wasn’t saying “would you like to curate a list of books”. Although I wouldn’t have stopped you! :slight_smile: somebody on here may wish to take that on. By sharing the activities out we produce the most.

I hope you have a good day


btw something has happened to the title of this thread. I’d correct it, but don’t have access.

Aah, I see it is now fixed.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :grinning: :+1:

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Thnx @Bobbi

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good luck with it all. we are in a bungalow before had stroke

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Exactly…very important point!

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Reading this post was so enlightening. Moral here KEEP GOING don’t give up.


Yes, that point about grieving for your pre-stroke life and self is so important- but it’s so hard, almost unbearable until you come to accept the idea. I have only coped with this as I have wonderful people around me who understand, and are not frightened of talking about it this way. Having a stroke is a huge trauma which affects your whole family and network, and it is like a death, in a way.:unamused:


Thank you for the post. My Mum is 6 days post stroke and still in a high dependency unit. I am determined to educate myself so I can help her in her recovery as much as possible. We lost my Nan to stroke 21 yrs ago but it was a certainly a very different approach then.


Hey Bobbi, I’ve just taken a look at that markdown reference guide and I wonder if you’d know this about the Horizontal rule. Whenever I try to use it I can’t actually see even though I know it’s there. It will show up under highlight or if I change my screen setting to Dark mode…which I don’t like at all :roll_eyes: My son said something hr tags and started to lose me :sweat_smile: Half my trouble is that I don’t have the lingo for tech speak :woozy_face:

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