Weight struggle

Hi everyone I’m 56 years :slightly_smiling_face: just a bit confused to why I find it hard to loose weight I had a stroke in 2020 and I’m eating 3 meals a day try as much exercise as my body can take and don’t eat after 6pm and 7 weeks on my weight has stayed the same not budged can anyone help

Hi, I really wish I knew the answer to this one. I’m 6 years post stroke and still struggling to lose some weight. I eat well and have a healthy diet. I lost a stone whilst in hospital but soon put that back on once I had settled back at home.

I can only put this down to not being as active these days. I try to exercise as much as I can but obviously that just isn’t enough. The only good thing I can say is that my weight isn’t increasing, I would just like to lose a few pounds.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be most interested to hear them.

Regards Sue

Thanks sue, I can not do anymore than I’m doing now my batteries are wearing out :see_no_evil: come on advice of as many people whose having the same problem please

I lost a quarter of my body weight after my stroke. It was the only good thing that came from it. I wanted desperately to stay “skinny”.
I dreaded the thought of being sedentary and getting big again.My doctor suggested a plant based diet wth emmphasis on low sodium. That changed everything for me. I now view food and eating totally different. I eat purely for nutritional value and not pleasure. I now eat in my recling chair which allows me to take a bite, put the fork down, and just relax for a few seconds instead of eating as fast as i can.i eat in front of a clock and force myself to take at least 15 minutes to eat. I eat much much smaller bites of food, sometimes one bean at a time. I gave up meat l, dairy, and anything processed. Basically anything that could clog an artery. So, my advice, change how you view food, change what food you eat, change how you physically eat your food. All easier said than done, but still possible. After all, you survived a stroke, you can do anything.


I have the opposite problem. I’ve lost almost 4 stone since my stroke & am trying to find ways to put weight back on :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

You’re probably not as active as pre stroke so will find it harder to lose weight. @Chlodog has some good suggestions though. Portion size, smaller plates may also be worth looking at.

Morning all.

I’m no expert, just wanted to input…

I had a TIA in December 2022, and spent a week in hospital. The hospital food was marvellous but I did wonder if I was going to starve! The portion sizes were small by comparison (home) but I never went hungry. For me, my weight and BMI was a smidge over but not a problem per se.

Discharged and back home, I’d lost 5lb. And I’ve kept the smaller portion sizes - and also added more fruit, veg and salad to my diet. Whereas I’d have a big plate of ‘something’, it’s now half (or less) with more vegetables or a salad. If I snack, I’m just careful with it. And my bedtime cuppa is with 3 biscuits, not half the packet!

Last time I checked, I’d lost 13lb. I now don’t climb the walls when hungry - and it’s nice to eat less and more healthily.


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