Wednesday is my 2 year anniversary

Good evening everyone . This Wednesday to the day is my 2 year anniversary after having my cerebella stroke at the left back of my head.

I’ve been battling with after affects of the cerebellar stroke for 2 years now. Some of you know the problems I’ve come across. Especially neuropathic.

But, in the words of Monty python “I always look on the bright side of life”. (Whistle).

Negatives: I cannot run anymore, I cannot ski, I don’t drink alcohol anymore. I’ve stopped driving. I’m not rushing around anymore and not working. I cannot read for long, I’m not fully independent which makes me sad.

Positives: I’ve learnt a new hobby painting by numbers, I’ve started listening to audio books, walking 2 miles a day every 4 days so it’s exercise. I’ve improved my cooking skills ( much to the delight of hubby). I’ve tried non alcoholic drinks and think I like it. I’ve lost a few lbs and £s. I now food shop with hubby which is actually nice, I’m chauffeured around, I’m enjoying being at home after feeling guilty for past 2 years not working. I actually am starting to enjoy this new life of version 2 Loraine.

I’m 61 so I’m 6 years off my state pension date but, if the government hadn’t moved the goal posts from 60, I wouldn’t have had to worry. Granted my hubby keeps me for better and for worse. I also have my small private pension which I have just been allowed to have access.

It does make me cross as we get older some lucky one’s escape illnesses but like some of us we are unlucky. I appreciate I have improved and some of you are still battling and you will get there. Positive healing vibes I’m sending to you all.

I have felt I’ve had to fight for financial help and after care and I’ve been made to feel like a fraud at times. I’ve worked all my life and I started with a Saturday job from 13 (illegal these days).

I think each case financially should be individually investigated health wise and given their state pension if their NI stamp is fully paid up earlier. But I suppose others will feel this will be unfair. (Sorry gone off on a tangent :joy::joy: as usual)

So keep going onwards and upwards, always look on the bright side of life (whistles) I’m so honoured to have found you all and cannot thank you all enough for being so supportive to me especially in my dark days, I think we have all been there at some time.

So to everyone else on this wonderful SS forum I wish you all a great recovery and my deepest thanks Including Ashley and Alex :wink::hugs::hugs:.

I’m going to fade out more from the SS forum as some of you will have noticed. I’m not too chatty these days. I’ll dip in and out to visit you all from time to time as I’m just to nosy.

Love and hugs :hugs: Loraine x x keep going.


All the best for you from a fellow 61 year old


@Loshy you’ve been so supportive and caring to us all whilst battling with your own demons, you’ve been a friendly upbeat voice amongst us.

I’m pleased you’re enjoying your new hobbies and have such a loving husband and family around you.

Best wishes and big hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Thanks for all your help, encouragement and advise, Loraine, in the past–and also for keeping us in alphabetical order in the GAMES! Ha Ha! :grin: I know you will continue to recover and get better and better at everything. Takes time, right? That’s the stroke recovery mantra. My best to you and your hubby. :heart: :rainbow: :sun_with_face: :sunflower: :sparkler: Jeanne

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Thanks for all your support and help. Like you I am now into my two year recovery, ups and downs!!!
Take care and thanks again.

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Great post @Loshy Loraine, well said. There are positives but need a big spade sometimes to dig deep to find them. I as well as many others have benefited from your support, thank you :kissing_heart:

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Keep on keeping


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Morning Loshy and thanks for your notes on the journey so far. The stroke effects we all have to learn to carry the best way we can, but then there’s the further bundles of other ill health issues that some like you have to struggle with. Can’t imagine you fading away just yet, feel that the advice you have give on this forum has helped keep your pecker up at times and we all have benefited. May the new you keep whistling and staying positive. Good on you, you wee Lass. Paul :zebra::zebra::zebra::kissing_heart:


Loraine, Best wshes and thanks for your reply to my post on nerves waking up

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@Loshy Loraine keep going you are doing amazingly well, such a positive post thank you, keep dipping in as you have given many SS good advice and encouragement
regards Chris :hugs:

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Bore da @Loshy, us stroke wranglers sure have been through the wringer, it always astounds me that the size of the impact bears little on the effect of the damage done. It’s analogous to the butterfly effect. Indeed, Eric Idle penned the near perfect ballad for enduring life’s woes. For me, an unencumbered chuckle or a grin of pleasure goes a long way becalming the nuances of suffering we all feel at times. Please continue to be nosy and pop into the forum when you feel up to it, we all appreciate your engagement. Nonetheless, it is Spring though, and one feels obliged to turn away from tech and absorb some of nature’s waking beauty. :grinning:

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Hi Lorraine, great post. Can’t thank you enough for your words of wisdom and support over the years since I joined this great forum . I have always enjoyed reading your posts and have found them to be very informative and helpful.

Enjoy your new hobbies and spending more time with your hubby. Wishing you well with your continued recovery.

Best wishes and Keep on keeping on and always look on the bright side of life .

Regards Sue

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I will having my 9yrs recovery. I’ve felt many of your feelings, ups & downs. But I will always have a glass 1/2 full . Keep smiling @Loshy
Lynzy60 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Loraine, @Loshy

Hope your 2nd anniversary isnt too bad a day for you. You have come a long way in that time despite the many hurdles you’ve had to overcome.

Your advice & support to everyone on this forum has been excellent & i hope you’ll continue to pop on the forum from time to time.

I want to thank you for the support & friendship you’ve given me personally throughout my stroke journey. I appreciate every bit of it.

Am glad you are starting to enjoy your new life & never ever feel guilty as I’m sure you didn’t chose this path.

Here’s to many more improvements and good things.

Take care & thank you

Ann xxxx :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Well done keep going enjoy your new you and many many more years of finding new hobbies and challenges…you can do it​:+1::ok_woman:

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@BernadetteC thanks xx

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Hi Loraine, Hope today hasn’t been too bad a day for you. I know anniversaries can often be difficult.

Hopefully you’ve had some good things going on.

Take care xxx

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@Mrs5K Yip :joy::joy::joy::hugs: just got rid of 3 grandkids I’m shattered schools on blooming strike had them all day. I’m about to collapse in bed. I think I’d rather work 12 hours than have kids from 8.45 till 6. Living next door is challenging :flushed: thanks Ann x

Sounds like you’ve been very busy. Hopefully you’ll sleep well tonight :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
The one disadvantage to having family so close by :blush:
Sleep well xxx

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Hi Lorraine,
I suffered a Subarrachnoid haemorrhage. My 2 year anniversary is next week. Delighted that you are enjoying being active in the kitchen. I went to my first canoe class this week and thoroughly enjoyed myself. All be it with my heart in my mouth at times. Also I have managed to get back behind the wheel. Great for me, other drivers beware!!! Keep going, expanding your culinary skills and making your art.
Take c