Weak left side

Just fell after getting off my exercise bike.geelong good about having done 3 miles on the bike. Dismounted with mygood lady managing my walk toy chair then the left side wento jelly, luckily she managed my fall avoiding the fireplace until I landed on the carpet, practice d my get up on to the sofa then collect ed myself and trudged tou chair shaken cross with myself but no harm

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@mrfrederickson great about all your exercises and perseverance. But please be careful. Well done on the 3 miles achievement. :clap::clap::clap::grinning:

Thanks I must have been too complacent on my left leg strength after all the pedaling, lesson learned the hard way :sob:

Yes lesson learnt the hard way at least i got to practice my getting up technique :grinning::clap:

@mrfrederickson hope you’re ok after your fall. Great achievement on your bike, just make sure you don’t overdo it and end up hurting yourself. Hope your wife is ok too after catching your fall.
3 miles on your bike is very impressive though.

Next time I will be more careful and not trust my weaklegy leg,would never get on it without someone being near


Both okay this morning I managed my first one handed self dress in clouding the top button of my trousers, a good start to the day

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Well done. Buttons are tricky never mind one-handed. Hope the rest of the day continues to be good :grin: