Walking with my physio

Yesterday it was one of my goals to go walking with my physio and my wife following me with my wheelchair as a place to rest. I was walking around the park up inclines and down slopes plus navigating a uneven terrain section to cross a small wooden bridge

I then made it to the towns lucky dog

I made a wish and headed back to the car totally worn out but pleased with progress. I’m resting up today so I’ll be able to get some bike riding tomorrow.


@mrfrederickson what wonderful progress; I’ve missed you. I could have sworn I saw the wee dug wag his tail for you. Keep at it… good on ye’.


Great stuff @mrfrederickson hope the physio was pleased



Thanks it was a lot of determination and acceptance of pain but I did it now know my limitations


Thanks Steve both physio and wife were happy.
Went straight for a coffee and bacon and sausage sandwich with my wife, walked in and out without incident, proper result.


Great achievement, well done :clap: :heavy_check_mark:. Onwards and upwards.

Keep on keeping on :+1:.

Regards Sue


Thanks Sue very weary but feel it most in my buttocks most work in 3 years.


Wow fantastic @mrfrederickson that’s a great milestone…and you definitely earned the butty afterwards :clap::clap::clap::clap::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Thanks mrs5k

It was a marathon walk for me but have me the confidence of knowing my limitations

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Well done :+1::smiley:

Next is building up your range :slight_smile:

How’s the dexterity coming on?


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Sadly arm stil dead no movement in basic terms , can grip and micro move my fingers , it feel pain but is also numb.

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Sorry to hear that
There’s a need for something we aren’t in control of and then a lot of nurture to build and develop it.

‘fingers crossed’ for you that you can build on that micromovement & expand on them. More car washing as therapy?

Best wishes for some progress to start


Huge congratulations!! What an achievement and what a wonderful photo! :clap::muscle:t4::blush: x


Oh that is absolutely wonderful, and you did it free hand…no sticks :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :clap: :clap: :clap:

For you arm/hand there are probably a lot of very tight muscles around your shoulder blade and below your arm which could probably do with a little deep massage, a pummelling to get them loosened up as much as anything.


thats great news/ keep it up

Thanks Sammy1 it’s a long road to a basic recovery the key is never give up hope is your best friend.


Just what I needed to read today I’m feeling very down. I needed to read about people who are trying. I’m just not at the moment. There is also some element of courage here which I’m also sadly lacking at present!

Hi georgie22 sorry to hear you are feeling less motivated

Courage is part of self belief. Just think of how good you will feel with a small goal achieved

@Georgie2021 sorry to read you’re feeling so down. Try setting yourself some small goals & aim to achieve them or progress towards in a realistic amount of time. As you build things up gradually confidence will also build.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest bit. But once you’ve made that step you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Sending my best wishes to you.


@Georgie2021 how about becoming a founder member of the group that I’m talking about here…Proposal. Whose in? Getting my (our) hand(s & and legs etc) useful again

A self-help & peer support group :slight_smile: