Walk the walk, talk the talk

Four months post stroke.
I’ve moved away from hospital based physio now and hopefully will get some further prescribed physio eventually.
I still can’t walk, but I live in hope.

I can rise, at least, to a solid standing position, on a par with Marlon in Emmerdale, but don’t have the parallel bars like him. I bet he’ll be propping up the bar in the Woolpack within a fortnight.

Recently I’ve been parking my wheel chair a little further from the bed and now take a couple of wobbly steps before sitting down. It isn’t physio monitored or approved but needs must.
I don’t feel confident enough to try to walk further but have considered getting my Mrs to follow me close with the wheel chair so I can sit down fast if I feel a wobble coming on.

I still silently envy those of you who were able to leave hospital walking, but, trust me, I’ll be skipping along behind you shortly,



@Bobbi thats still a great achievement Bobbi. I think we have to take our own chances physio is good to be monitored by professionals but you yourself know how far you can push yourself. Don’t go to fast small steps. It’s great I can feel your confidence and enthusiasm. Remember rest too as we heal this way also. 4 months is not a long time plenty time ahead don’t get frustrated. Lots of luck loraine :blush:

Good morning @Bobbi. You have the right attitude. Little by little, mindful of what could happen but pushing limits sensibly. Improvement happens slowly and muscles that haven’t been used take time to regain strength. I was pushed out of hospital after 7 weeks in a wheelchair, feeling pretty hopeless and weaker than I could ever have imagined. I only managed at home because of multiple aids, shower seats, bed frames etc and help from my husband. Don’t give up trying. I make a point of walking every day now 11 months on. Wishing you strength and persistence, Julia x

@Bobbi it sounds like you’re making great progress even if it’s not as fast as you’d like. Your suggestion about your wife following you with the wheelchair could work…but small steps don’t try too much in one go. I was a bit more mobile than you but I found pushing a wheelchair helped me walk better. Have you thought about a rollator?
I admire your enthusiasm & determination but whatever you decide to do please take it steady. You don’t want to be back in hospital because your enthusiasm got the better of you & you fell over. xx

Great to hear you’re making steady progress @Bobbi.

Great attitude you have, keep pushing gently forward, be patient and kind to yourself with regards to not pushing to hard too soon, build up gradually.

@Mrs5K suggestion of a rollator could assist.

Best wishes

Hi Bobbie , nearly 3 years on . Wheelchair to begin, took me tooo long to accept problem walking & definitely not giving in . Cheap rollator, with seat, ebay first. Recently upgraded to carbon fibre, rather pricey version. My wife drives me , max half hour, more, I feel giddy, too much info ,blue badge parking. I can then manage short distances, if only slowly, stopping & use seat brilliant! My tiny bit of independence. Put off to long, just a thought. Good speaking David.

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Yes, I have one. I call it my freedom tool. It allows me to go further than with just 2 sticks and gives me reassurance that I can sit down immediately if I get tired or dizzy. Money well spent for me.


Thanks guys for the interest and encouragement.

I might just try a punt on a rollator off ebay and see how it goes.

Bob :man_in_manual_wheelchair:


Hi Robbi, don’t you have a Rehab at Home network that will provide anything you need?

@a.clare71 I’m not eligible for much of that, although quite a bit has already been done for me.
I’m thinking in investing in a rollator off ebay which might get me up and out of my wheelchair, as I mentioned above.

I have been given a rollator too. I presume you have asked them anyway? We have MediQuip that provides stuff

All the best with u recovery remember everyone is different just do what you can as u improve with kind regards des

Good work @Bobbi, progress is being proactive :grinning:

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