Voice sounds strange

Hi All, this is a bit of a strange one . I’m 5 years post stroke. Does anyone else think that the sound of their voice has changed ? I find that my voice sometimes sounds croaky and I need to clear my throat before I speak.

Hi Susan. I have just experienced a second stroke and my speech has been affected. My voice is definitely more croaky but I hope this will improve with time and practice. Lilian

@Susan_Jane i haven’t noticed my voice changing particularly but I do sometimes hear my voice in my ear………like an echo. It’s very weird.

@Susan_Jane, initially yes my voice was weird and croaky but it seems ok now, though the first time I speak each day it’s croaky and I have to clear my throat, then it’s usually ok for the rest of the day. I just put it down to a symptom of just waking up.

Hi ,2.5 years, stroke, help to clear throat, lozenges, also taste good. David.

Hi Susan Jane --I used to be able to sing a little before my stroke. Now, I still try to sing, but my voice breaks more, is sometimes croaky, and I do need to clear my throat more often. It’s been 3 1/2 years since my stroke. OH, well. Everything else has improved and continues to improve, so I assume my voice will, too. :slightly_smiling_face: Jeanne