Ventriculitis effects and recovery

6 weeks 4 days since my partner had a brain haemorrhage. The haemorrhage bleed into a ventricle and caused breathing problems as well as collapse.
My partner came home from being shopping at around 17:00 on that day, ran in and starting being sick complaining of a migraine. With in 30 minutes she was unconscious and being sick whilst unconscious. In between this happening and the ambulance arriving she also had a seizure.
Once she was in a Neurological critical care unit a ventricle drain was put in and she was also put on a ventilator. After 10 days of critical care she was responding and starting to react, so was transferred to a ward. Within 24 hours of being on the ward she had a relapse, caused by an infection at the site of the EBD drain.
Since then she has been fighting bacterial Ventriculitis has had the EBD drain moved 3 times as the infection colonise’s the drain site.
So, no we wait for the infection to subside, which it is amd in the past few days she has started to respond once again.
I have no idea what to expect going forward. How she will recover.
Has anyone had Ventriculitis? Or known someone who has.
Just having some insight to recovery or after effects would help a little.
Many thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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So sorry to hear ab out this, what a nightmare. Unfortunately I have no experience of this, but I am sure there will be someone on this site who can help you. If not try phoning the stroke association, they may be able to give you a number to contact with some more information.
Sorry I can’t be of any more help, but am thinking of you and your partner.

@SimonF1959 welcome to the forum. Sounds like your partner is going through a rough time and of course you too as it affects loved ones equally.

I don’t have any experience of ventriculitis but just wanted to wish you both lors of luck & i hope your partner is through the worst soon xx

@SimonF1959 welcome to the forum, so sorry to hear of your partner’s haemorrhage, sounds frightening. I have no experience in this field but there should be others on here who have some help and suggestions for you.

@SimonF1959 your partner is having a rough time, which in turn will be horrendous for you, watching a loved one suffer.

Wishing you both all the very best, take care