Vaccine campaign

Hello all!

The Stroke Association has been approached by the NHS for help with their vaccine campaign this Autumn and Winter. They want to feature people with different medical conditions talking about their own reasons for being vaccinated for both flu and Covid-19. This includes stroke survivors.

If your quote is chosen, it would be used on NHS and Stroke Association branded materials along with a photo of yourself. I know that it would be going out via social media, but may be used beyond that as well in printed or other online spaces.

So, I’m posting here to ask if anyone would be interested in sharing this? There is absolutely no obligation to do so.

You can add your reasons (or any questions you have) in a comment below or message me directly.

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My reason for getting the vaccines are not just about reducing my chances of being seriously ill following my stroke but also to protect others who may be vulnerable with conditions that may not be obvious to us. Ann


Had my flu jab last week and got my COVID booster tomorrow. Being 56 with a heart condition and a stroke survivor it makes sense to reduce the risk of contracting either virus. If I avoid them I should also reduce the chance of spreading them to others.

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I’m having my flu/Covid jab next Thursday. The reason is to protect myself as I’ve suffered a collapsed lung through pneumonia, stroke and now have painful spinal lumbar and cervical stenosis. I don’t think I could cope with covid too. I also feel if I’m protected I would be protecting anyone else I came in contact with.

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I wish non of us had to consider getting vaccinated but I have always responded to invitations. I have had covid and it was a relief to myself and to those who cared about me that I was vaccinated as the symptoms although unpleasant were mild. My lungs are not in great shape ( 2 previous collapses with drains needed) so do not need further complications and the last place I want to be is on a covid ward.

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I have had my flu vaccine but am really scared about having the CoVid booster. I had a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage 3 weeks after my last booster (Astra Zeneca). I worry that this triggered the stroke as I know of people who had the same after the Astra Zeneca booster. One person is now living in a care home after a stroke following both her first stroke and then another stroke following the second.

Any thought on this?
I have come a long way in terms of progress and certainly do not want another stroke.


@Crazicatapila I too had my stroke 5 weeks after Astra Zeneca jab last year. But apparently it’s nothing to do with it!!

I had my flu jab and covid on Thursday last week, which was phizer. I was fine and still am.

They aren’t giving AZ anymore. Hope my experience helps a little.

Kind regards Loraine


Thank you. I will bear that in mind…

Hi Lorraine, funny that my stroke was also similar time after AZ and was also told not related!

Anyway I had my booster last week (not AZ!) and would advise that us SS don’t really want COVID on top of stroke after effects.

Might be worth checking which vaccine they are offering before turning it down @Crazicatapila ?

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Interesting that the surgeons were very quick to tell my husband that the stroke was not related to the vaccine…

Well I will be asking for sure!

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@Ingo66 what sort of symptoms did you have with your stroke? What side effects are you left with now? It is odd my BP was sky high that’s what they blamed for mine .

@Loshy @Ingo66 i had my stroke 3 weeks after my covid booster (pfizer). I was convinced the jab played a part but the consultant said highly unlikely as my platelets were ok. I had a stroke caused by a carotid artery dissection. My first 2 jabs were AZ. I’ve had my booster last week & have my fingers crossed the consultant was right :grin:

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@Mrs5K i had AZ first and after 5 weeks I had the cerebellar left back lucuna infarct. I’m convinced it was that jab. I couldn’t get out of bed I was so ill after the jab for 4 off the weeks. Kind regards loraine x

@Loshy i was like that too. Felt really bad after all my jabs. It was after the pfizer one that i felt ill from day i had jab till when i had stroke. It could well have been coincidence but im not sure.

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It was 32 days after the AZ vaccine (just checked). I had a neck ache the day before the stroke which I put down to the fact it was the first day of using my new portable air con (this was during the really hot spell last year). The day of the stroke I woke up with a strange headache at the back of my head which I put down to the neck ache from before. I took some paracetamol which seemed to ease it so carried on working as normal. That evening I went up to the loft at 8pm to watch TV on my own. Next thing I remember was waking up on the floor by the sofa and trying to get back up. I was confused but calm as I tried for a while without realising why I couldn’t get up. I gave up and just lay on the floor calmly. My wife appeared with a cup of tea at 9pm and I held out my hand and asked her to pull me up. She laughed seeing me pathetically lying there in just my shorts (still very hot). She tried to pull me up but soon realised I wasn’t pulling properly. Then she noticed my face with one side really dropped and she realised.

She came up at 9pm which was only an hour after me, so that was the maximum time that could have elapsed since it happened.

My symptoms were: no use of my left arm or leg and very slurred speech.

Over 16 months later, 6 weeks in hospital & rehab I still can’t feel my fingertips at all or much of my foot. Fatigue is horrendous but most other functions are reasonable (though not as pre-stroke).

I have had a couple of open-heart surgeries (most recently in 2007) but was not overweight and kept myself fit with the Gym at work, cycling and regular long walks. Due to my heart condition, I kept a close eye on blood pressure, which was normal.

Both my Stoke Consultant and my Cardiologist can’t find any reason for the stroke despite having done some extra tests. They have both been talking to each other.

I know many people don’t get an answer to why they had a stroke, but the AZ links do make you wonder. :thinking:

It probably won’t do any good, but I think I will start a new thread to ask people who don’t know the reason for their stroke, if they had AZ jab.

We can’t turn back the clock, but it might make interesting reading?

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@Ingo66 thanks for your answer and a good idea about the new thread too.

I believe mine was through the AZ :smiley:

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Thank you for the interesting replies related to the AZ vaccine. I too wonder how many of us may have had a stroke after this…

So…I have booked my CoVid vaccine…but on the day will decide if to have it.

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I also had my stroke within a month of having the AZ vaccination and was assured they were not related. I did return and get my 2nd dose as I felt that my immune system was very weak at that time. I haven’t been boosted however as I feel it too great a risk given that my immune system is fit enough to fight off any infection now.