Useless arm

Thanks Sharon. Good to hear your arm is ok now. Take care

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Once my mother regained use of her affected hand, she still favored her left hand, because she was forced to use it for almost a year. It took her a few months to get used to using her right hand again. It was real work! But, all of sudden, something clicked in her brain, and she went back to using her right hand almost like she did before the stroke. It was weird how strong her left hand and arm were 1 year after her stroke. She got use of her right hand for about 5 months before she died (80-90% recovered). Sadly, she never appreciated how well her hand came back because of her mental state.

You just repeat over and over and over. That’s how you retrain the brain, as you all know very well. My mother used the green flexbar, which did wonders to bring her hand back. It doesn’t work for everyone, but my mother’s stroke was a 17/42, which is considered a moderate-severe stroke. I think that is why she had an easier time recovering physically than a lot of other people. Not sure what happened to her mind, but that’s another story.

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Thanks but I’m ok!!

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