Unstable foot

Hi Everyone. I had a stroke 3 months ago which affected my left leg and arm. I have been walking round the house with a stick but my left foot started to turn over on the outside which made me very unstable and likely to topple over. The physio has given me an ankle support which when we tried it whilst she was here appeared to be working well. However two days afterward my foot has started to turn over again. Has anyone used an ankle support and if so did it work? I tend to think its not the ankle that needs support but the actual foot. Anyone any ideas please? I am getting very frustrated and depressed with lack of progress now. I understand its a slow process and takes time but at my age I simply haven’t got time!! Thanks for reading


@Apple hi sorry you’re dealing with this problem with your foot. I have no advice but maybe someone else might. Keep going and I wish you luck. Kind wishes Loraine

@Apple sorry you’re having trouble with your foot. I’ve not got an ankle support per se but do have an AFO which is Ankle Foot Orthotic. I’m not sure if it would be suitable for you as I still roll onto outside of foot occasionally. I wonder, if it worked ok when physio was there, if you are fitting it correctly? Ever so slightly out may make a big difference. Do you perhaps need to slow yourself down a little so you can consciously think about foot placement? These might not be relevant for you - i’m just offering my thoughts. Sometimes it is just down to patience. Hopefully someone can provide some better advice for you.

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Actually yes thats what Ive got too! Did wonder if it was on correctly. Will take it off and have a look and read the instructions again! The physio will be back Friday morning so will ask her to show us again. So annoying as I was so pleased with it in the first place. Thanks.

I have an ankle thetvturns and like you and @Mrs5K have an orthotic which helps the connection between the bottom of my foot and the inside of a shoe.
My physio has changed the way i sit to stand which seens to flatten my foot onto the ground and prevents my toes from curling under.
Persevere with the orthotic it will help and my ankle is feeling stronger as a result.

Tiredness affects my ankle position sometimes too…

Fingers crossed it is something as simple as not being fitted quite right. I know if mine isn’t quite right I can tell the difference. At least you don’t have too long to wait till the physio is back. Good luck x