Unable to swallow - Electrical Stimulation

I had a brain-stem stroke last March which has left me unable to swallow. I’ve been doing the various exercises (EMST etc) but no joy. Has anyone any experience of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)?

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Hi Pat @pathazel & welcome. I’m sorry i can’t offer any advice on your issue but just wanted to say hi.

Hopefully someone else will be along with some advice.

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Hi @pathazel

Welcome to the community that is here. Sorry you have had cause to join us.

If you use the magnifying glass above to search for swallowing there are more than 50 hits.
I cannot remember reading any that mentioned FES for swallowing :frowning:

There is plenty of shared knowledge amongst the community though so maybe somebody will be inspired by your question and have some relevance information to share

There’s been quite a lot of discussion about food for swallowing difficulties and PEG feeding. Again it will show up usually magnifying glass above


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Thank you for your reply - so Hi back


@pathazel Welcome, sadly I had to have a feeding tube put in 2nd week in the hospital. I was devastated about it and One night in the hospital bed I swallowed a huge amount of saliva. I was shocked and elated…then tried it again. I shouted to the nurses and they got me working on a team to help me better swallow. Apple sauce at first and then on to more challenging food. What a relief. They left the feeding tube in me though for three more weeks…hated it.
I hope and pray you can get your swallow back naturally. All the best to you.