Hi I had a stroke at the back of my head 5 months ago. I'm recovering well except for the swallowing part left side. I had a funny turn last Thursday when I sat up off the sofa from lying down watching tv. My head inside shuck, I lost some feeling in my left arm and I developed a headache and felt nauseous. My husband thought I went semi unconscious. These symptoms are not as bad as whet I experienced in March cerebella lucuna left back infarct. Has anyone else experienced this please. I didn't go to hospital as my experience was dreadful in March. 


had same stroke in March my back right, Iv felt like that many times, get constant headaches anyway, but a few months ago had similar effects like the one in March but no where near as bad, did go to the hospital and had a scan but no new strokes shown so maybe worth getting checked out just in case. Hope all Is ok now 

Hi, I had the same after my stroke, same as you cerebella lunucar, and I did go to the Hospital, they discovered  I had an aneurism, which they were monitoring (until the Covid thing struck) so I think maybe you ought to discuss this with your Doctor with a view to having another MRI scan. Better to be safe than sorry!! Let us know how you get on. Take care.


Hello, I had bilateral multifocal cerebellar stroke, September 2020. My consultant advised that if any of the symptoms became acute, it was worth a check-up. I haven't, so far, experienced everything you've just described, but I have had moments where I've thought something might be presenting itself, possibly as a TIA. I have an MRI booked for September 1st. I have been in hospital twice since the stroke, both times have resulted in medication side effects presenting similiar or compounding the stroke symptoms I already have. Problem with cerebellar stroke is that many meds have the same common side effects, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision et cetera. It's always best, for peace of mind, to get checked again. They say we are not out of the woods until a year after our initial stroke.