This year has been rubbish!

Hi all. Just joined this site.
My name is Vikki, I’m 44 and had a stroke at the end of September. I still find it hard to process really. I got up at 630 to get ready for work and 5mins later lost all coordination and balance on my right side. Still had grip and strength so didn’t think it was a stroke! My speech and eye issues came a few hours later and luckily are better now.
10days of hospital care and tests and I still don’t have a definite reason and I’m still waiting for blood results.
The Dr reckons it could be because cancer makes your blood ‘clottier’…oh yeah…last November I was diagnosed with breast cancer so it’s been a totally awful year.
Trying to stay positive because it’s better for my kids (who are fully in the loop with what has been going on) but it’s hard, I am active, play netball,go to the gym, run etc so I am finding this hard to come to terms with some days!
On the plus side I’m making good progress with the recovery but some days are exhausting!
Thanks for listening …

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Hello @VikkiH, I was 44 when I had a stroke last year (cerebellar stroke). Unfortunately, stroke doesn’t discriminate and is not discerning. There was no cause found for my stroke, they call these cryptogenic strokes. They did as many tests as they could, the only clue was a seven inch thrombosis I had in my right arm, but even that could not be conclusive. I hope that after all you’ve been through, you find this forum supportive and helpful. As fellow stroke survivors, we tend to have more empathy and understanding about what each and everyone one of us are experiencing.

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Hi @VikkiH so sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke on top of your cancer diagnosis and wish you all the best moving forward.

It’s hard, as @Rups mentions stroke doesn’t discriminate and unfortunately neither does cancer. The fact that you’re young and fit and active will hopefully aid with your recovery and rehabilitation progress.

We’re here if you need to chat or vent your frustrations.

Stay strong :slightly_smiling_face: