The mail on Sunday article about stroke

Wanted to share with you all an article in todays Mail on Sunday about taking aspirin and other meds at night. It’s written by Prof Russell Foster. I’ve included some of the text but I’m sure you’ll be able to see it online. Ann image|666x500

Yes I read that article as well, it was very interesting.

I’ve re sent part of the article for information - it didn’t send the first time.

Thank you–Very interesting article. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Very interesting read and now I read about the omaprezole which scared me. I take them I shall be having a word tomorrow with my doctor. What does everyone else take and for stomach please if you don’t make nd me asking. Thank you for sharing. Loraine :flushed: my medication is morning candesarten 8 mg omeprazole 20mg clopidogrel 75mg and Garpbentin 200 mg. Afternoon garpbentin 100mg.
evening amitriptyline 30mg though I want to drop down garpbentin 300mgs and artisvastatin 20mgs
Thanks :blush:

I take aspirin in the morning so I might start to take it at night. I take the gastro resistant aspirin 75mgs so I don’t get any stomach symptoms.I have been taking Rosuvastatin and blood pressure tablets at night for at least a year. I started taking the blood pressure tablets at night to help with the morning muddled symptoms got. I also take Thyroxine and a multi vitamin in the morning.

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@Loshy I’m taking lansoprazole for stomach. My other meds are clopidogrel & atorvastatin if that helps.

I used to use omeprazole occasionally but not enough to cause issues & don’t take it now as got lansoprazole instead. xx

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@mum2two thank you for sharing. I hadn’t seem this. Was interesting read. xx