The Hermit of Treig

I’ve been having a terribly busy few weeks, and feel like I am out at sea most days. Neurological-fatigue has been ripping through me like nobodies business. Today, as I sought rest, someone said to me, “You are acting like you’ve been at it all day, I’ve been actually at it all day and am knackered”. I kept my cool but responded a wee bit spitefully. I had actually been doing a lot for two hours and a two hour stretch with a post-stroked brain can feel like a week’s work at the time. As a child waking up, my father used to give me a run down of all the impossible things he’d done before breakfast. It is slightly annoying. It’s worse post-stroke because laziness or procrastination just doesn’t enter into any self-justification. The brain has reached its dying embers, it needs to gradually build up its flame again by the billowing reprieve of rest before it can carry on.

But I stray from the reason of this post. I decided to watch a documentary on BBC Four called The Hermit of Treig. I have a fascination, probably due to being a solitary type myself, in people who isolate themselves from the rest of society in some way. So, I thought this would be something jolly to watch while I had my supper. Turns out the chap in the documentary has a stroke. The whole second part of the documentary centres around this issue and his isolation. It was fascinating, encouraging, and a positive story. I thought I would share it with the forum folk.

Thanks for the recommendation Rups, I’ll give it a watch.

Enjoy that well earned rest, best wishes

I have seen that documentary. Certainly a beautiful place to be a hermit if that is the life one wishes to follow!

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Hi Rups,
Sounds interesting. I’ll add it to my list of things to watch.

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I really enjoyed it, but especially his attitude towards stroke and considering the symptoms and managing his lifestyle, certainly shows courage.

Morning Rups I will watch it I’m a bit of a hermit myself prefer my own company. As for courage I think what we have all been through we are all amazing and still showing what we can do as a number 2 version of oneself. Rest easy young man we live for another day! :wink:


I too will have a look at the programme. Sounds fascinating.
Sounds like you’ve earned your rest @Rups so enjoy it. I think I’d be tempted to tell them just be grateful you’ve not had a stroke & that you can do stuff.

I can’t find the programme on my TV but I’ll keep looking. Sounds very interesting

Hi Fiona you will find it on bbc iplayer if you can’t type the title on the search box it should come up hope this help

Thank you I was looking in the general search feature and couldn;t find it but have done using I Player and will watch it tonight