The future of peer support?

Last year I penned a few thoughts on the use of digital community (like this one) to evolve & build peer support.

I’m looking to share ideas with others - no idea of it leads to anything or what it may lead to

The thoughts are a mix of the tech but just as enabler. The real useful but is when people are connected
So It’s not Technology knowledge that matters. That ISN’T the really useful contribution.

Useful contribs are: empathy, inclusion, energy, interest, need and much more and at the early stages what creates community online.


Peer Support (on Linked-In)

Feel free to share, be inspired, comment, take the ideas and use,… etc

There are comment after the article. One from a SS and OT is worth reading as is (imho) my expansion of the rationale

@Bobbi I mention this yesterday
@Rups Bobbi thought y’d be more likely to read this than him! :smile:

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Bore da, sounds like a good read, right up my alley, as in a past life where I taught emerging technologies and ubiquitous spaces for ten years before turning to mud and pigs.

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