Thank you nhs staff

Actually there weren’t any in that one but there are several in this pic.

The blue dots were the ones I’d already tagged, the black dots you may see below them are the ones I hadn’t as yet tagged with I took that screen shot.

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Sorry again but I guess I need to get this out. I’ve ignored it for too long and it’s what kills a little of me every single day still.

I actually have not taken any of the photos I have posted of the polar bears.

I spent my life savings on a polar expedition to be “in search of pack ice and polar bears”.

I have been obsessed with polar bears for 40 years.

After my 3 strokes - I have no idea how - can’t really remember - I spent a lot of money (a lot).

And I got every single step of the jurney covered. taxis - flights - hotels - boat - etc.

I then embarked way way too early - 6 1/2 months after my 3 in 3.

96 people on the boat - ice strengthened. Made it to svalbard no issue.

Then for some reason I have no idea about I lasted about 36 hours - 2 nights on the boat before being medically evacuated by Norwegian military search and rescue helicopter from 79.20 degrees north.

48 hours later the ship I WAS on saw 7 polar bears and those are pics from people I met on the ship.

My soul was destroyed more on 10th June 2023 than my brain was on 22 November 2022.

This is the morning before the seizures if it plays.

Sorry vid won’t load so here is a pic. I like to think I don’t look like I’m about to have 2 x 3 min seizures I dont think!!

And I’m sorry please don’t feel sorry for me - I tried too early. I failed. It was not the best time.

But I will aim to live and try again. No more seizures for 18 months for consultant sign off. and maybe £1,000 for a week in insurance and I’m hoping for 2025. If if if - money will be a problem - I got about 40% back and in two years it’ll be more and I spent my bloomin life savings!




@KGB you tried & you should be applauded for that. Most of us would never achieve that even without having had a stroke.

You sound very determined so i’m sure 2025 will happen. In the meantime try not to beat yourself up for having a go at something you always dreamed of doing.

Here’s to seeing those polar bears x