Thalamic stroke

hi has anybody had a thalamus stroke? I've never found anyone with this kind.

I woke up 3 years ago with what appeared to be intense pins and needles right down my right side but my face, speech, and ability to move were not affected.

After phoning 'NHS after hours' I was told to go into A and E. My local hospital's scanner wasn't working so I was ambulances to city hospital where I was asked all the usual; stick tongue out lift arms etc. I could do it all! ( this happened to me at local at least twice by different doctors) So after MRI I was sent home and told to take aspirin. The consultant phoned me a couple of days later to say 'yes I'd had a left thalamic stroke' had 1 appt and told symptoms may go or stay. 3 years later they are still with me! Frustrated!