Swollen hand

Well I done a post a few days ago about my effected hand swelling,since then I’ve tried elevation with no luck,cold compresses with no luck massaging my hand…doing multiple stretches that havnt worked…now my hand feels like it wants to burst…went to doctors today to see what they suggest and the suggested all of the above…im at the end of my tether now…dont know what else I can do :sleepy:

Sorry to hear of your problem and am so angry that your G.P. couldnt do anything to help. Honestly, it is unbeleivable!!! I would suggest getting in touch with the stoke association ( or your stroke nurse, if you still have one ) they may be able to offer you some advice as to who you can see and what could help you. If all else fails, turn up at Accident and Emergency, someone will have to see you. Do hope you can get some help soon. Will be thinking of you. Jane.

It might be worth checking whether one of the medications you are prescribed could be a cause of fluid retention at the extremities. Some types of medecine produce this effect for some patients. The doctor should be able to prescribe a different drug which doesn’t produce this effect.

I have had similar symptoms. The surgery changed my medication to another similar drug which was the same as before wih a different name so the swelling did not subside. I took myself off the tablet and over a couple of weeks the affected legs, feet, hand and a testacle are returning to their original normal size. I’m not a doctor and I am not recommending the course of action I have taken but I was not happy to continue putting up with the ‘side effects’ of what had been prescribed for me.
Incidentally the enlarged bits of my body were interfering with physiotherapy exercises I was attempting to perform.

Hi Alfie-- Could be a medication. Also, watch the sodium. That can cause fluid retention. Is it possible you have an infection of some sort that settled there, or an insect bite?

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My affected hand was also very swollen for weeks after the event. I can’t remember when it changed but it did after a while and 6 years on it is not swollen and not all fisted up as it was but I still have no function in it. I keep hopeful though, even though that is difficult some days. The big change is the reduction in stiffness which seems to be stable now, small thing, but something. So hopefully you’ll see an improvement in due course. Might take ages.
Wishing you all the best

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