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Hi all

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on recent ZOGs the topic of support after 6 or 10week arrangements came up and i’ve heard it a lot recently that things can just end abruptly.

Im interested to collect anecdotal evidence to better understand the gaps in how services run

i’ve ideas on how that can be addressed that ive posted about before (Digitally Enabled Chronic Care Community Networks: beyond '1hr Fortnightly zoom Cafés' and i’ve recently made some immediately useable suggestions about how to use zoom & google meets to have a 24x7 (unsupervised but still safe) drop in space anybody can use for free

I also searched for support groups & found the following. The strokeAssocs web also lists many online & face to face groups (See below)

Ive also heard a lot of needs to find support so it must be harder than it should be. In an effort to combat that I have put what i know below

Perhaps people will add others & this might be more controversial but also highlight any good experiences.

I use a few in the first of these 3 list - like StrokeInformation, Different Strokes FB page & others but there are more than i can count available! UK Stroke Forum The Stroke Club World Stroke Org List of Stroke Org’s in other countries Stroke Alliance For Europe Stroke Support Federation Stroke Information and Support Centre Stroke Connection Stroke Association Wales Stroke Association Northern Ireland Stroke Information Service The Stroke Association
Different Strokes - SameYou me You Same You
Useful organisations | Headway Headway Useful Orgs List of Lists eg Carers, leal, Holidays , Families & kids, loads more
Different Strokes | Facebook Different Strokes facebook Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland A Stroke of Luck Action on Stroke Stroke Support Group Stroke Recovery UK Stroke Recovery Centre Stroke Care Services Steps 2 Stroke Recovery Moving Forward After Stroke Life After Stroke Help After Stroke Enable Ireland Stroke Support Services Different Strokes

Stroke Assoc Online Groups

Stroke Assoc face to face groups - view all groups on a map

4Ward Strokes Leicester Contact: Julie Monk
Abergele Stroke Club Contact: Janet Budgen
Aberystwyth & District Stroke Club Contact: Sylvia Jenkins
Active Stroke Survivors Group Contact: Jill Burke
Active Strokes North East Contact: Ross Mackenzie
Amber Valley Stroke Group Contact: Terry Shiels
Amersham Stroke Support Group Contact: Sarah Ives
Andover Stroke Survivors and Friends Group Contact: Annie Burton
Aphasia Life Rotherham Stroke Group Contact: Sue Pye
Aphasia Singing Group Earlsdon Contact: John Wilkin
Ashington Stroke Group Contact: Barbara Pearson
B.A.S.H -Support for Talk(Bracknell Aphasia Self Help) Contact: Judy George
BAME Stroke Support Online Group
Banbridge Stroke Support Group Community Space
Bangor Ards & North Down Support Group Green Road Community Centre30 Breezemount Road
Basingstoke Area Stroke Support Group Contact: Jo Vockins
Bath & Keynsham Stroke Peer Support Group Contact: Phillipa Gordon
Bath Aphasia Choir Contact: Liz Jeggo
Belper Stroke Club Contact: Nick Blurton
Berkhamsted Tring Stroke Support Group Contact: Ian Hines
Berwick Stroke Club Contact: Joy Lamb
Bexhill arts and craft stroke support group Contact: Carol Boydell
Bexhill exercise and wellbeing stroke support group Contact: Carol Boydell
Bexhill Sing Out For Stroke Support Contact: Carol Boydell
Bexhill Stroke Support Group For you Contact: Carol Boydell
Bishops Stortford ‘Be Yourself’ Group Contact: Samantha Barrett
Blackmore Stroke Club Contact: Christine Davies
Blackwood Stroke Support Group Contact: Wendy Williams
Blyth Stroke Support Club Contact: Jim Wyness
Bolton Aphasia Self Help Group (BASH) Contact: Sean Crosby
Bolton West Stroke Group Contact: Steve Leng
Bowburn and District Stroke Support Group Contact: Elaine Grundy
Bracknell Tuesday Stroke Club Contact: Patsy Hawkins
Bradford Speakability Stroke Group Contact: Debra Fish
Brentwood Stroke Club Contact: Wendy Waite
Brewins Stroke Group (Northampton) Contact: Laura Martin Valerie Hutchings
Bridgwater Stroke Club (The Heather Club) Contact: Y Snook
Bridport Stroke Club Contact: David Lawrence
Brighton Stroke Survivors Whatsapp group Contact: Marie White
Buckingham and District Stroke Support Group Contact: William Hall
Burton & District Stroke Club Contact: Colin Williams
Burton upon Trent Speakability Group Contact: Sylvia Kingsbury
Butterflies After Stroke Club Contact: Brenda Smith
Calderdale Stroke Support Group Contact: Renny Taylor
Cam Stroke Group Contact: Helen Elliott-Boult
Camborne Stroke Club Contact: Sami Slater
Cambridge Stroke Group Shelford Rugby Club
Cardiff Stroke Social Group Contact: Alan Lane
Carmarthen Stroke Club Contact: John Hollies
Casnewydd Stroke Support Group Contact: Kathleen Chorley-Betts
Central Beds Stroke Survivors Zoom Contact: Joan Hanks
Chandlers Ford Stroke Support Group Contact: Pauline Marocco
Chard & Crewkerne After Stroke Group Contact: Christine Williams
Charnwood Stroke Club (Loughborough) Contact: Simon Watts
Chatterboxes - Buckley Communication Group Contact: Kate Finch
Cheerful Friday Club (Newmarket) Contact: Kathie Butcher
Chepstow Stroke Cafe Contact: Stephen Emery
Cheshire West Stroke Support Group Contact: Mike Finn
Chester & District Stroke Club Contact: Jacqueline Atkinson
Chesterfield Stroke Group Contact: Linda Salt
Chichester Stroke Club Contact: Val Swain
Chiswick stroke club Contact: Carol Powers
Church Stretton & District Stroke Group Contact: Jane Richmond
Clackmannanshire Stroke Support Group Contact: Jolene Lornie
Clevedon Speakability Group Contact: Verity Aldous
Coalfields Life After Stroke Group Contact: Julie Foster
Coalville Stroke Club Contact: Ena Illidge
Coastal Stroke Support and Carers Group (Hunstanton) Contact: Chris Bryant
Colchester Stroke Group Contact: Darragh Donnelly
County Durham Stroke Club Contact: Mrs Doreen Bryce
Crowthorne Stroke & Disabled Club 2000 Contact: Claire Lewis
Croxley Green Stroke Scheme Contact: Gill Thomson
Croydon Communication Stroke Group Contact: Clare D’cantere
Cuckfield Stroke Communication Group Contact: Carolyn Dodd
Cwmbran Stroke Support Group Contact: Peter Smith
Deal & District Strokes Contact: Dorthe Bucknell
Deeside Stroke Group Contact: Eric Sinclair
Derby Stroke Club Contact: Steve Adams
Dereham Stroke Support Group Contact: Debra Cozens
Different Strokes for Different Folks Contact: David Martin
Diss Stroke Support Group Contact: Peter Ellis
Dorset Speakability Group Contact: Patricia Scott
Douglas Drive Group Contact: Rose Griffin
Dover Stroke Club Contact: Peter Groombridge
Downham Market Support Group Contact: Janet Wescombe
Droitwich Stroke Club Contact: Chris Bowden
Dudley Stroke Association - Talkback Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Talkback Zoom Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - The Dell Exercise and Zoom Group Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Thursday Family & Carers group Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Thursday Lunch Club Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dudley Stroke Association - Thursday Zoom Exercise class with Mervyn Contact: Alison Whitehouse
Dunmow & District Stroke Support Group Contact: Philip Milne
Dyscover Ltd - specialist aphasia support Kingston Contact: Rosemary Townsend
Dyscover Ltd - specialist aphasia support Leatherhead Contact: Rosemary Townsend
Earley & Woodley Stroke Club Contact: Keith Hutchings
Earlsdon Stroke Support Group Contact: John Wilkin
East Lancs Carers Group Contact: Susan Schofield
Epping Forest Communications Support Group Contact: Penny Daltrey
Falmouth Stroke Cafe Contact: Allyson James
Falmouth Stroke Club Contact: Allyson James
Fermanagh Stroke Support Group Contact: Stephen Mc
Forum Stroke Club (Wilton) Contact: Robert Salt
Four Deans Stroke Club Contact: James Lynch
Foyle Stroke Support Group 02890 508020
Friends of Hove Stroke Club Contact: Daail Goodson
Frodsham & District Stroke Club Frodsham Community Association
Frome Stroke Support Group Trinity Church Hall
Fun 4 Strokes Contact: Susan Schofield
Gloucester and Cheltenham Stroke Cafe Contact: Tracey Grant-Smith
Grampian Stroke Club Contact: David Jones
Grantham Stroke Club Contact: Chloe Parker
Great Yarmouth Stroke Group Contact: Susan Casey
Greenwich Stroke Club Contact: Bruce Edgar
Grimsby Stroke Club Contact: Christine Jayasinha
Grove Stroke Group Contact: Lesley Baker
Halton Lets Go Stroke Club Contact: Teresa Cook
Haslemere Stroke Club Contact: Sarah Fairbairn
Haverhill Stroke Support Group Contact: Kathie Butcher
Hayle Stroke Club Contact: John & Margaret Nash
Heart of Birmingham Stroke Support Group Contact: Leona Bramble
Henfield Stroke Support Friendship Group Contact: Graham Powell
Hertford Speakability Group Contact: Vicky Clough
Hitchin Stroke Group Contact: Patricia Hutton
Holmer Green Stroke Club Contact: Mary Coker
Hull Active Stroke Group Contact: Derek Jennings
Hull Talk The Stroke Group Contact: Jo Chapman
Ilkley Stroke Club Contact: Joan Lawrence
Integrated Neurological Services (Richmond & Houslow) Contact: Sarah Vines
Isle of Wight Stroke Cafe Contact: Lyn Bonner
JIGSAW - Bolton Stroke Group Contact: Linda Fell

part one of two


part two of two
Links to Stroke Assoc face to face groups

Kendal Speakability Group Contact: Janet Rockliffe
Kettering & District Volunteer-led Stroke Group Contact: Sandra Parker
Kings Lynn & District Stroke Group Kings Centre
Kirklees Hope After Stroke Contact: Yvonne Handley
Knutsford & District Stroke Club Contact: John Mills
Kyffin Stroke Cafe Group, Bangor Contact: David Smith
Lee Valley Aphasia Club Contact: Vicky Clough
Lewisham Horniman Stroke Group Contact: Clive Baulch
Lewisham Stroke Group Contact: Barry Coppock
Life After Stroke (Ammanford) Ammanford Pensioners’ Hall
Lincoln & District Stroke Club Contact: Shirley Johnson
Links Stroke Cafe and Zoom Group Contact: Lee Outten
Lisburn Stroke Support Group Lagan View Enterprise Centre
Llangefni Stroke Support Cafe Group Contact: David Smith
London Peer Support Online Group Contact: Barry Coppock
Longton Stroke Support Group Contact: Janet Cornwell
Lowestoft Stroke Support Group Contact: Kate Oubridge
Maidenhead & District Stroke Club Contact: Neil Symons
Maldon & Dengie Stroke Support and Carers’ Group Contact: Sharon Hutchinson
Mardy Park Stroke Group Contact: Jennifer Edmunds
Medway and Strood A2 Stroke Group Contact: Pauline Green
Merseyside Life After Stroke Group - Support Contact: Ian Collins
Mid Ulster Stroke Support Group Contact: Mary Convery
Milford Stroke Group Contact: Sue Hewson
Mole Valley Stroke Club Contact: Jacqui Hiscocks
Mon and Arfon Stroke Club Contact: Thelma Niblett
Morecambe Bay Stroke & Communication Group Contact: Julie Glaister
Nailsea Stroke Survivors Club Contact: Lorraine Rowsell
Neath Port Talbot Stroke Group Contact: Emma Day
New Inn Support Group Contact: Cheryl Harvey
New Steps Life After Stroke Club Contact: Arthur Millington
Newbury Speakability Group Contact: Judy King
Newham Together We Can Stroke Group Contact: Glynis Webb
Next Steps Stroke Club Contact: Wendy Wade
North and West Belfast Stroke Support Group Girdwood Community Hub10 Girdwood Avenue
North Birmingham Stroke Support Group Contact: Tracey Clarke
North Devon Life After Stroke Contact: Alex Don
North East Worcestershire Stroke Support Group Contact: Dennis Hill
North Harrow Stroke Group Contact: Gordon Lane
North Lincolnshire Stroke Groups Contact: Trish Dawson
North Lincs Stroke Group Contact: Trish Dawson
Northfield Stroke Club Contact: Donna Belk
Norwich Area Stroke Survivors’ Club Contact: David Orr
Nottingham Stroke Club Contact: Rosemary Blanchard
NW Community Stroke Choir Contact: Joyce Booth
Orchard Women After Stroke Group This group is open to female stroke survivors in the Southern Trust area.
Ossett Stroke Club Contact: Patricia Sutton
Outwood Stroke Club (Wakefield) Contact: Chris Welch
Oxford Aphasia Group North Oxford Association
Paned a Sgwrs Contact: Colin Evans
Parklands Stroke Support Club Contact: Anne Bartle
Pennine Stroke Support Group Contact: Gail Charlton
Peterborough Stroke Group Contact: Terence Perks
Petersfield Stroke Support Group Contact: Maureen Gilbert
Phoenix Stroke Club (Horsham) Contact: Mandy Janes
Phoenix Stroke Club - Marlow Contact: Sheila Stephens
Porthcawl Stroke Club Contact: Keith Duggan
Pos+Ability Contact: Sarah Bellow
Positive Action for Stroke Contact: Sheila Tagholm
Positive Strokes Middlesbrough Contact: Peter Taylor
Post Stroke Working Folk Contact: Wendy Fleckney
Reading Stroke Support Group Contact: Martin Harbor
Redditch Stroke Support Group Contact: Ann Hill
Renfrewshire Stroke & Carers Welcome Cafe Contact: Maureen Hunter
Rhyl Stroke Cafe Contact: Denice Bulloch
Romsey Opengate Stroke Club Contact: Jill Edwards
Roundhay Stroke Support Club Contact: Jon Hart
Royston Speak Out Stroke Club Contact: Christine Asker
Rutland Stroke Club Contact: Sarah Cox
Saffron Walden Stroke Club Contact: Denise Howell
Salford Stroke Club Contact: Vivienne Barlow
Sandhurst Stroke & Disabled Club Contact: Pam Owles
Sarah’s Stroke & Communication Support Group Contact: Joanie Scott
Say Aphasia Charity - Abergavenny Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Aphasia Ladies Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Cardiff Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Chichester Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Crawley Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Darlington St Thomas Parish Centre249 North Road
Say Aphasia Charity - Eastbourne Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Exeter Community Centre
Say Aphasia Charity - Goring-By-Sea Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Hove Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Selsea Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Skipton Contact: Colin Lyall
Say Aphasia Charity - Woodingdean In Brighton Contact: Colin Lyall
Second Chance Stroke Group Contact: Peter Marsh
Sheffield Stroke Peer Support Group The Benjamin Huntsman12-18 Cambridge Street
Sheffield Stroke Survivors Contact: Anthony Rowbotham
Sheffield Touch Of Colour Stroke Group Contact: Carole Clarke
Sheringham Stroke Support Group Contact: Chris Sharp
Shipston Stroke Support Friendship Group Contact: William King
Sidcup Speakability Group Contact: Paul Meaton
Singing & Sound Navenby Contact: Diane Watson
Solihull Stroke Club Contact: Pamela Ward
Solihull Stroke Survivors Contact: Marian Disbery
South & East Belfast Stroke Support Group Cregagh Youth & Community Centre
South Down Stroke Support Group South Eastern Regional College
South Islington Stroke Club Contact: Jane Pickering
Spalding Stroke Group Contact: Pat Birchall
Speakability Tayside Contact: Gaby Beattie
Speakeasy Bury Contact: Jo Black
Spondon & District Stroke Club Contact: Rita Allcock
St Albans & Harpenden Stroke Club Contact: Pam King
St Austell Stroke Friendship group Contact: Suzanne Weeks
St George’s Hotel Stroke Cafe Contact: Michaela Jones
St Ives (Cambridgeshire) Stroke Group Contact: Nigel Poulter
Stafford & District Stroke Club Contact: Geoff Brookes
Star Stroke Group Contact: Michele Latham
Stockport Stroke Support Group Contact: Jean Johnston
Stone & District Stroke Club Contact: Chris Handley
Stowmarket Support Group Contact: Bryan Hilton
Stratford-upon-Avon Stroke Support Group Contact: Patricia Mc
Strike A Chord Cymru Contact: Robert Younger
Stroke Café Scotland Carers Online
Stroke Café Scotland Generic Contact: Maureen Hunter
Stroke Café Scotland Younger People Contact: Maureen Hunter
Stroke Care For Newbury & West Berkshire Contact: Fiona Forrest
Stroke North Contact: David Burgess
Stroke Of Friendship Contact: Barry West
Stroke Support West Midlands Contact: Jonnah Jones
Stroke Survivors & Carers Friendship Group Contact: Janet Watson
Stroke Survivors Group at Cafe West Contact: Anne-Marie Wing
Stroke Survivors LN9 Contact: Tony Cranwell
Stroke Survivors Speech and Language Group Contact: Liz Bedson
Stroke Working Age Group Suffolk (SWAGS) Contact: Marie Dawson
Strokes R Us (Stoke) Contact: Sandra Wain
Stubbington Stroke Group Contact: Myra Mitchell
Success After Stroke Club Contact: Sarahjane Lewis
Sutton Coldfield Stroke Club Contact: Angela Lavender
Sutton Stroke Social Group Contact: Steve Mottram
Swale Stroke Group (Sheerness and Sittingbourne) Contact: Stewart Kitching
Swindon Stroke Support Group Contact: Gerald Stephenson
Swindon Stroke Survivors Group Contact: Trudy Sighe
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Ashford) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Guildford) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Knaphill) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
TALK - Support for People with Aphasia following stroke (Walton) Contact: Sharon Spurdle
Tameside Survivors of Stroke Group Contact: Anthony Jacklin
Tamworth Speakability Group Contact: Stephen King
Taunton Stroke Club Contact: Julia Hammett
Teesside Stroke Club Contact: Ted Docherty
Tendring Specialist Stroke Services Contact: Indi Allen
Thanet stroke support group New Life Family Church8 Church Street
The Chiltern Stroke Club Contact: Adele Grass
The Onward Club Contact: Kerry Adey
The Walton On Thames Stroke Group Contact: John Steele
Thornhill Stroke Support Group Contact: Midge Pitter
Thurrock Art Group Contact: Roger Howes
Thurrock Stroke Project Contact: Graham Tidman
Tilehurst Caring for Stroke Contact: Julie Connell
Time & Talents Stroke Club Contact: Erika Bewers
Tiptree Stroke Club Contact: David Mallett
Totteridge Stroke Support Group Contact: Alison Rimmer
Totton Stroke Support Group Contact: Steven Parker
Tuesday Stroke Group (Cannock) Contact: Pat Stanley
Tynedale Stroke Club Contact: Eileen Vale
Vale Stroke Support Group Contact: Michael Hall
Valley’s Life After Stroke Club Contact: Lesley Watkins
Valleys Stroke Friends United Contact: Jeffrey Symonds
Wakefield Speakability Group White Horse Inn49 West Lane
Wallingford Stroke Club Contact: Norman Goodall
Warminster & District Stroke Club Warminster Civic Centre
Warrington Life After Stroke Group Contact: Derek Britch
Warrington Moving on Stroke Group Contact: Ruth Harrison
West Kent Brush strokes Contact: Jill Woodard
West Kent Stroke Choir Contact: Jill Woodard
West Kent Stroke Group Contact: Jill Woodard
West Norfolk Health & Wellbeing Stroke Group- Art Contact: Janet Wescombe
West Norfolk Health and Wellbeing Stroke Group - Tai Chi Contact: Laura Mott
West Somerset Stroke Club Contact: Elizabeth Saunders Singer
Western Active Stroke Group (Weston Super Mare) Contact: Steve Curry
Weston Speakability Group Contact: Janet Strang
Whitstable Stroke Club Contact: Pat Pittock
Wimbledon Stroke Club Contact: Wimbledon Guild
Winchester Stroke Club Contact: Jenny Davidson
Wirral Get Up & Go Stroke Club Contact: Peter Forbes
Witney Stroke Club Contact: Jenny Key
Woking Strokeability Contact: Ben Anthony
Wokingham Stroke Support & Recovery Group Contact: Ulla
Wolseley ‘Moving on’ Stroke Club Contact: Vic Cavell
Worcester Long Term Stroke Support Group Contact: Annette Shaw
Working Age Stroke Group Chesterfield Contact: Maria Keay
Worthing & District Stroke Club (KESTRO) Contact: Steve Webber
Wrexham & District Stroke Club Contact: Gwyndaf Owen
Yeovil Stroke Club Contact: Jennifer Wright
York Speakability Stroke Group Contact: Sue Lally
Young Men’s Peer Support Group Contact: David Jones

Thanks for all the information, very helpful.

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Hi Simon

Thank you for these. My head can’t cope read too well today.

What I am after is support with stroke reactions I have, but this needs to be done by qualified people.

Most of the support is by volunteers who wish to help.

Y’r welcome - there were a lot more than i shared in the zog call! :smile:
The links will be there when you are ready and you can come back to them :smile:
These are the ‘gate-keepers’ to peer support from fellow SS who are likely to have advice & contacts for people in anyone’s local area

i’ve found other SS are much more useful than ‘qualified people’ for honing in on what is available, what the options are & what I really need & which qualified people have more competency than the ‘read the book’ brigade

i’ve heard a lot of people say there isnt any support because its not so easy to find so i’ve started the consolidation of resources

@a.clare71 what “reactions” are you looking to have a qualified person help with? you might find links like the headway one that has a directory of services across many categories useful?

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@Mahoney @EmeraldEyes I think one of you two ladies alerted me to the fact that some links in the above were no longer working - probably the organisations closed down or moved pages/ website etc - I’m sorry but I can’t remember who told me and a search of the forum didn’t find the post - It was probably a DM

With @MSGAdmin removing the restriction on uses below TL4 from editing posts over a month old It’s allowed me to change them to be wikis which means (almost) anybody will now be able to update the links and add new ones.

Clement there maybe a relevant tool like there is for WordPress sites that will crawl a post to check for broken links at GitHub - graydenshand/discourse_link_checker: A program to find broken links in Discourse. It seems to have slightly wider scope being site wide rather than post specific maybe it could be adapted and a report run?

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Hi Simon, I messaged you a couple of weeks ago with a list of the ones I’d found. I’d come to the same conclusion, with the organisation restructuring their website some will be closed/moved. If you want I can remove them later and carry on from where I left off earlier for any more if it saves you the job, I’d keep a list of the ones I removed and could send you the list when done.

Thank you that’s a generous offer .

So it’s in my messages somewhere :slight_smile:
at least I know where to look now.

I think anything that you want to do to improve the number of working links is fine by me. I would edit the post rather than generate lists that’s then sent somebody else to execute with the loss of contextual knowledge of what has been discovered.

If Clement @MSGAdmin can’t/ wont/ isn’t resources to adapt & run the script that tests the links to give us a report of the whole lot then I’ll scrape the whole post into an editor wrap an HTML page around it and see what doesn’t resolve - that way be a lot quicker than testing each one individually .

What will also be useful is adding new links.

I had a exchange with ¿bunshinegirl? Who’s from Australia. there are a number of people from the USA.
I think the trend for online support forums is transnational. It’s not geographic it’s language based and affliction-based which I think is an impending strategic challenge for all nationally-based organisations like stroke association different strokes etc
I wonder if we ought to be forming a user group because we’re more interested more knowledgeable more motivated to get things that reflect our needs .

So I think the support groups listing should be allowed to grow like topsy from the contributions of people here but I think we ought to have a strategic eye to where that evolution goes with some benign structuring at some point.

I’m open to a chat via whatever channel with whoever likewise has interest

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Yep, it should be under RE: Support Groups for Anne & anybody else 1of2.
With hindsight maybe I should have called it something else or shortened it so as not to confuse :roll_eyes: :sweat_smile:

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