Hy Lyndsay, you do need the help that the stroke association can provide, so please pick up the phone and ring the helpline, I am sure they will be able help.


many people on here know what you are going through during this traumatic time.

you've been through a life altering, life threatening event. your world has gone upside down, to us you are still in very early days of making recovery progress. it can seem like forever.

bear with things. day upon day week on week month on month.

your body will carry out repairs, especially while you sleep. sleep as and when you can or need to.

we understand your turmoil, you've been hit for 6. but you have survived, that's the main thing. now you have to focus on recovering.though it seems immensely difficult. do your physio if it's been set.take your meds. focus on you. don't compare things to the past. how you were etc.  a new you is coming, that may seem frightening, 

give time lots of time.

try to feel positive. if you struggle with that speak to other survivors here as well as speaking to your medical people. 

difficult as it may sound but try to think positively, this will help you through. it will get much better I promise. slowly slowly though.

keep talking to your fellow survivors here. all will be rooting for you, think of that and smile through this phase. you are most likely on new strong medication as well as having gone through a traumstic event. you will be stressed, lost confidence in mind and body. we know these feelings, it isn't permanent. fight on.find your inner strength. 

best wishes, keep us updated.


Thank you 

realy struggleing at minute it’s my husbands 50th n our wedding anniversary next week and I not got a clue on what to do I carnt remember marrying him n the hardest thing is I don’t even know him now even though we been together 23years fed up of not knowing anything not been able to cross a bloody rd guess I’m just finding the new me rather hard 

Colin I hope you don't mind but I think I had a reply from you but I lost it somewhere. I wonder if you would reply again. Lilian Platt

Colin I seem to have lost your reply. Would you send it again please? Lilian