Stroke Survivors - who don't know the cause of their Stroke

I had a small stroke 4 weeks ago. I had no risk factors apart from stress at work. Severe stress. I’m an NHS nurse. I keep fit, I eat healthily, I’m not overweight, have normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and I’m 53. My Mum and Grandmother also had strokes but not until old age.
I’m still struggling with the ‘why me’ thing.
I had my booster Moderna vaccine 5 days before my stroke. I will never know what actually caused it. Or if I could have done something else to avoid it. I’m coming to terms with it slowly and have gone through every emotion from sadness to anger to feeling lucky that it wasn’t worse.
Hoping that time will help me to re evaluate my life and make decisions about my future.

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@Tracey53 welcome Tracey sorry you had your stroke. Big or small it’s still traumatic and a brain injury.

Coming to terms with it gets easier in time, listen to your body and rest when you need to. Fatigued can creep up on you.

I have my doubts too about the covid jabs and stroke linked.

Thank you for all the great work you do and look forward to chatting.

Kind regards Loraine

My problem is that prior to this I was a very active person. Never sat still. Always there to fill in if someone off sick. In fact the morning I had my symptoms I went into work as we had people off sick already. My first though was ‘I can’t be off sick today’. One of the GP’s sent me to hospital! Typical nurse!

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@Tracey53 a lot of us have done the same ourselves.

It’s time to think of you and let your brain rewire and body heal from the shock. Keep going and try not to go over things to much as it can worry you more.
Kind regards loraine

Welcome to the forum @Tracey53 , sorry to hear about your stroke. I do wonder if stress can also be a factor. I was under stress when I had mine (but not in the same way as a nurse).

As @Loshy said, you will start to accept the new version of you, it does take some adjusting though.

I really hope that the NHS are understanding that you need time to recover and will have to take things very slowly. I do fear though that they will try to rush you back. Please try to resist as you likely find it may be detrimental to your recovery.

I wish you all the best for your recovery and please check in here to talk to people who have gone through similar experiences.

My stress levels related to work were off the scale prior to my CVA. In fact I had had conversations in the preceding weeks where I had said to people ‘My job is breaking me’. In hindsight I should have taken action and I was already in the process of looking for an alternative jobs. Unfortunately my stroke has interfered with that process.
I cannot return to work without an occupational health assessment which is scheduled for the 17th November so I have some breathing space at the moment thankfully. I do feel scared about returning to that environment. Nothing will have changed with regard to workload. But I’m aware that what has to change is my attitude to work and my ability to say ‘no’ to people. Something that I’m not very good at!


I wish you luck with that! If you mean saying no to extra shift etc then absolutely you should. Work should also realise that you have to slow down as well so shouldn’t put that pressure on you.

But I understand us general public don’t have a clue what it must be like for you on the front line.

I hope you come to a workable solution. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @Tracey53 the ‘why me’ scenario is something I felt in the early stages, it takes a little time to come to terms with but you’ll get there.

Stay strong, keep moving forward, do all you can to facilitate your rehabilitation.

Best wishes

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Interesting enough since my stroke I have not been able to recollect any dream I’ve had. I sleep a lot so I’m sure I must be dreaming!

Sometimes I also am not sure if I’ve slept or just been in a deep meditative state!


Hi I was 47 when I had my stroke they thought it would be a pfo they ran all the usual tests all came back clear, my bp was high, cholesterol fine. Told them I had been stressed so in the end whenever I ask I kinda get a shrug that it was probably the stress.
Ihad the AZ first dose on 9 march, second dose on 19 May and Stroke happened 12 weeks later. When I was in a rehab unit there was a woman who said they had told her the vaccine was the most probable cause of her stroke, I asked my consultant if it could have caused mine he raised an eyebrow and asked “Astra Zeneca”? when I replied yes he kept nodding his head gave a lot of “hmmms and interesting” then said it’s possible it contributed along with the bp and stress I was feeling but he said there was no way of knowing for sure.

Hi @Sharon_B , thanks for sharing. Interesting to hear that kind of reaction from a consultant. Sorry you became another SS though , regardless of how it happened.

Hope you’re well on the road to recovery.

Just a thought if the AZ vaccine caused my stroke 6 weeks after I’d had my booster and I know it’s a big if,but if it did does that possibly mean I’m at less risk of having another one if it was caused by an outside influence and not my own health ,Just a thought :thinking:

I also can’t remember my dreams and although I need more time in bed am not sure that I’m actually asleep most of the time. It’s weird

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