Stroke and peri menopause

I had my stroke on the 6th February 2022. I went to bed and woke up to find I couldn’t use my right arm. I thought I had just slept on it funny and blamed the mattress. I went to the toilet and then went back to bed. I woke up again to find not only my arm wouldn’t work my foot wouldn’t work properly.
After speaking to my husband and doing the smile test we decided to call 111. (My smile was fine)
After a few questions the operator said she was passing my call to 999 and an ambulance would be coming ASAP she said she thought I was having a stroke. I thought no I have just trapped a nerve.
So after getting to hospital and having tests yes it was confirmed I had had a stroke. I still have balance issues as well as some cognitive issue.

My question is, is there anyone going through the menopause and what do they do to cope? I had the worst week ever last week. I was overwhelmed, kept crying and my after the stroke symptoms were so bad. I have spoken to my doctor and he said I couldn’t have any HRT. I have no idea what to do. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


@VickyG welcome to our SS forum. Really sorry you had a stroke.

Menopause is a horrible situation to be in I’m the same. They have taken my HRT off me after my stroke. I went cold Turkey it was awful. They won’t let me back on the patches.

I try meditation deep breathing and I use lavender oil too which is calming at night. I put a little in my pillow.

Are you on any medication such as amertriptyline or garpbentin? The amertriptyline helps slightly with my sleep patterns but flushes come and go. I think I am older than you so was in menopause when stroke happened.

You sound as if your just starting. There is a blood test you can have to see which state your in peri or full.

Emotional wise is normal or seems to be for us SS to be up and down so that’s not helpful I know but I still feel emotional now after 19 months.

This forum is unique and there’s amazing people on here with great advice. Hope someone else can help better than I can.

Keep going kind regards Loraine

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Thank you I am on Clopidogrel and Atorvastatin. I couldn’t function last week. Work was horrendous everything just seemed too much

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I’m on same though I came off artovastatin and I’m now on ezetimibe.

Is it fatigued you feel fuzzy head, flushing and an ill feeling? It could be both your back at work too, is it FT, PT it could be to much for you.

Menopause is mother natures natural ageing for us but I feel it’s cruel. But us “real woman “ experience it.

Can you do something relaxing for yourself? Maybe pamper or massage. Try and be kind to yourself.
My kindest regards Loraine

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You are right I need to be kind to myself. I really need to find balance. My life was full on then this happened.

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@VickyG welcome to the forum. Really sorry you had a stroke. I was on HRT when i had my stroke & they quickly took me off it. I was already 9 years into my menopause so coming off HRT didn’t have a massive effect.
Some of your symptoms (emotionsl for example) could be your stroke. I get very emotional since my stroke.
As @Loshy says i wonder if you are feeling fatigued as that can make things worse.
Speak to your GP as they can do a blood test to see if you are menopausal. If you are there may be some options for you…not necessarily HRT.
Wishing you all the best.

Ann xx

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Thank you I will see if there any natural alternatives

Welcome @VickyG sorry you’ve had a stroke and are dealing with menopausal symptoms on top. Speak to your GP to see again to see if there are any options other than HRT, please do research before taking alternative herbal remedies as some can interact with medication the doc prescribes.

As others have said our emotions can be all over the place following stroke, I had to have counselling sessions back at the beginning, I hope you find something to relieve your symptoms.

Sending you big hugs :hugs::hugs:


I have been referred for some counselling hopefully it will help


Morning @VickyG. Just wanted to post to let you know you are not the only one. I had my stroke at 50, 51 now. I was aware I was perimenopausal before it happened. The truth is I don’t know where my stroke symptoms end and menopausal ones start. Things I’ve attributed to the stroke could be hormonal- emotional, tearful, brain fog, forgetfulness and the only positive I can take from that is at least they will improve as my hormones find balance.
I’m not on any medication as my stroke was due to trauma and I’m just trying to pick my way through it avoiding HRT as I just want a level playing field that at least once done will not have to change again. So sorry you are feeling how you are, but if you can find a sympathetic, preferably female GP to talk about your options, they need to know you are struggling. Heartfelt best wishes, Julia x

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Thank you so much. I think find a doctor that’s sympathetic would be helpful. I spoke to a doctor and his 1st word were what do you expect from this appointment. Only I could say was help

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Being a man, I have not had to suffer the menopause, the emotion side is a by-product of the stroke, hope you get some answers off of here. it’s a great forum for advice