Had an ischemic syroke 16 months ago due to a 70% stenosis. Just got out of hospital for new syroke symptoms. MRI revealed no new stroke but suffering from post stroke recrudescense. A rare condition where basically my original strokle refired causing a temporary flair up of my existing conditions. An MRI confirmed this. MRI also shows that my stenosis is now gone. My neuro informed me that this simply does not happen and hes never seen this. Told me to keep doing whatever it is im doing. Ive found no information anywhere about this ever happening. Anybody ever hear of this?


@Chlodog sorry to hear you’ve been back in hospital following a flare up of your previous stroke.

Sounds like you’re the exception re the stenosis. That’s a good thing I think.

I don’t know anything about stenosis i’m afraid but hopefully someone else on here can offer their experience.

Best wishes.


Don’t know anything about stenosis but I did look it up and here’s a brief description:

This is probably good news. How’s your walking and such because I dare say that would have been affecting things like that :thinking:

@EmeraldEyes @Chlodog this is what I know about both stenosis as I have both.

Cervical stenosis

When spinal stenosis affects your neck, it’s called cervical stenosis. The word cervical (which means neck) indicates the location of the problem. If you have cervical stenosis, you might notice the following symptoms:

  • Neck pain that radiates through your arms
  • Numbness and/or tingling sensations in your arms
  • Weakness

You may also struggle with coordination and balance problems.

Lumbar stenosis

When spinal stenosis affects your lower back, it’s called lumbar stenosis. When your spinal canal in your lower back becomes narrower, it can affect your peripheral nerves. Symptoms of lumbar stenosis include:

  • Pain and discomfort that radiates from your lower back through your leg
  • Numbness and weakness in your legs
  • Tingling sensations
  • Leg cramps

Severe cases of lumbar stenosis can cause bladder and/or bowel functions.

You are the exception though we don’t know what stenosis you actually had. Hope you keep improving. :blush:

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Thanks for the reply. I have an intracranial stenosis. Unfortunate i am well aware of what they are. My question has anybody ever had one just dissapear? Because thats what happened to me. My neuro says this doesnt happen and he is perplexed. It is very much good news. Im hust wondering if im the “miracle man”. I have found no evidence of this ever happening to anyone else. Hope today is a good day for everybody

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Hi @Chlodog I think it’s great this has happened I wish it would happen to me too. Onwards and upwards :blush:


Out of curiosity, I looked around on the internet and everywhere seems to be saying there is no cure for stenosis period. There are ways of relieving it but nothing about it just disappearing. Could it have been a misdiagnosis in the first place, that you never had stenosis :thinking:

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@EmeraldEyes @Chlodog i was thinking the same thing.

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Ive had several coversations with neuro about the possibility of stenting it.He has shown me the MRI image multiple times. It was recorded as 70% blockage which is considered severe. With all that said, it could have been a lisdiagnosis, but it would have to have been missed by 3 different hospitals and 3 different MRI. This is why I posted this, it is really bizarre.

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@Chlodog i watched a programme last night (Saving Lives in Leeds) & they were operating on someone with a stenosis. They didn’t say whether it is something that can go away though.

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When I had my stroke the CT scans showed up nothing but the consultant said that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a blockage, just that it had managed to clear itself (or that it was in a smaller vessel that the CT couldn’t pick up).

So could it be that your blockage/narrowing could have cleared itself, it’s just taken that bit longer?

Whatever it is, it’s good news for you, so keep up with those medications and whatever else you’ve been doing because its having a positive effect on your recovery, well done :smile:

@EmeraldEyes @Chlodog i didn’t know about the
intracranial-stenosis but thanks for the information :hugs:

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Thanks everybody for all the input. I have friends who are much more spiritual than me who are quite certain whos responsible for this stroke of good fortune. (No pun intended) I hope everyone is having a good day. Thank you from North Carolina. USA.