Staying positive

Yesterday my husband sat on his bed at about 3:30 am shouting and chattering to himself. I came down to see what was going on and suggested he either went back to bed or sat in the riser recliner chair until morning as he said he couldn’t sleep. He wanted to do neither so I went back to bed. I could hear him chattering and cursing all the time. At about 4:30 I heard what I thought was a thump so went down to see what was going on. I found him laid in the doorway, the frame was at the other end of the bed and he had no idea how he got where he was. I asked if he was hurt and he wasn’t sure but did not want to co-operate with me to use the Raizer chair to get him upright. I rang 111 for advice and eventually 999 as he said he was struggling to breathe. When the Ambulance came he was checked over and deemed to be ok. The previous evening he had laid on the bed verbally abusing me as I wanted to lay on the settee as I was so tired with all that had been going on but it seems I wasn’t allowed to be tired. So after the morning events and lack of sleep I was an emotional wreck. Later that morning OT came round and I told them what had been going on. They had lots of useful simple suggestions on how to help my husband’s eyesight. After walking with his frame to the stairlift chair just to see if he could sit on it, which he did, he went back to his riser recliner chair but couldn’t see it properly and went to sit on it at 90 degrees to where it was, landed on the floor and banged his head. Another 999 call as he is on blood thinners so he needed a head scan. Head scan was ok but there was concern as to why he had fallen twice in one day so had to stay ‘overnight’ for more tests to be done. Today I was told he would be there for a few days for monitoring and checking. I am seriously concerned about all this. OT mentioned respite for him for more observation and it may come to that which he won’t like but I can’t go on like this indefinitely. In the meantime I am back to daily hospital visits but at least I get my sleep.

@H5JHR im so sorry you are going through this awful time and your husband has falling a few times.

Maybe respite is what you both need until he is more stable and settled on his medication and comes to terms with his body and what is going on.

Have a good nights sleep tonight thinking of you sending hugs :hugs:

Oh @H5JHR you’re sure having a difficult time of it. Sorry your husband has had 2 falls but sounds like he’s in right place for now.
Given everything that’s been happening since he came home it’s probably a blessing he will have to go into respite before coming home again. Hopefully that time can be used to ensure everything you both need is in place before he comes home again.
In the meantime enjoy catching up on your sleep.
Best wishes xxx

My husband was in hospital for 5 days. It could have been 3 days but the hospital made an admin error regarding the care package which was very annoying. He is now home but struggling with his condition. Quite miserable but the good thing is that he stayed in bed until 6am. Although we were both on edge at least I didn’t have to get up in the night. He had been represcribed a water tablet to help his breathing which I was told might help him to sleep better. So far so good except it is like starting again as he was only out of hospital for a few days before going back again. I guess his short term memory means he has forgotten a lot of what he has learnt.


@H5JHR oh bless him. Good luck let’s hope this is it for settling down to medication, sleep and being home :house_with_garden:. :flushed::hugs:

@H5JHR it sounds like there has been a small amount of progress even if it feels like you’re starting again. Not having to help him in the night is better for you & once the initial anxiety of thinking you’ll need to be on alert for him has worn off you should feel better too.
Hope things start to improve again now he’s home.
Take care xx