Statins or fatigue ? Help!

hi ALL i had a stroke back in January and after 8 days i came out of hospital doing ok and was feeling more healthy than i do now !!! when i was in hospital they put me on 80 mg of statins which i had had years before and stopped due to headaches , anyway when i cam out of hospital all was good and the only thing i needed to work on was my right leg and arm i was very tired all the time but apart from that i was in good form .
after a couple of months i started to have headaches and a cold numb right leg and cold right hand and also a constant dry cough and some days i honestly felt like i was having another stroke ,
i have spoke to my Doc and they changed and dropped my statins down to 10mg per day and i started to have the odd few days of feeling good but once again the headache’s came back plus fatigue in where my legs feel heavy when moving around ,anyway after checking with my doc ive now stopped the statins for 2 weeks now and i am still having good days then 2-3 bad days where i just cant do much except take pain killers for my head . i think i must be very allergic to statins and just wonder if anybody else has gone or is going through the same crap as me ??? i feel worse now than when i first came out of hospital !!! so any help or advice would be great . ps i am a 57 yr old male and just want my life back .


@Moonie66 if it’s the statins then hopefully being off them for a couple of weeks will see the symptoms disappear. As @Loshy says there are many different statins to try so might be worth trying a different one.

About 6 months (i think) after my stroke I too started with a heavy leg (my affected side). I mentioned it to my physio who said it was an unusual stroke symptom & to be honest made me feel like I was making it up. That was until she tried to lift my leg & could feel the heaviness.

In the end I was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) which they say was triggered by my stroke. My leg isn’t quite as heavy now but still doesn’t work properly.

If the statins aren’t the culprit it may be worth looking into other things. Not saying it is / could be FND but perhaps worth a discussion once other things have been ruled out.

Good luck.


@Moonie66 ask your GP if you can try a different statin, there’s a few to choose from and one may suit you better than the one you’re currently on.

Best wishes

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