Starting a conversation!

Hi there,

I had my stroke last September, 2021. It was my second stroke after a relativity minor stroke some time before. It was ordinary day and I was walking home, a few yards from my door, when I collapsed.

You will know the story about your stroke and your life. I’m interested to listen to your story about the stroke and your life.

I’m interested finding people to share with their stories with the stroke (and life) with me (and others?) in conversation- Zoom, in person?!.

If you are interested my idea please me at

Would like to zoom it would be good to practice I’m not good at team meetings

HI Gillian,

Thank you for your message. My mobile phone number is 07861 463819. You can call me or text me if you would like. No pressure at all! best wishes, Hugh

Hi @Arty123 welcome, sorry about the stroke, hopefully you’ll find friends and support here on the forum.

Fatigue can be frustrating to deal with, do things in little bite size pieces then take a break to spread the effort.

Hope your balance gets better too.

Wishing you all the very best

@Arty123 hi welcome to our forum and sorry you had a stroke.

Fatigued is us SS worst enemy. I hope it eases but you must listen to your body to rest.

Balance can take a few days to settle, I hope it evens out soon for you. King regards Loraine

Good evening Loraine thank you for your kind reply, sorry I’m late with my reply to your message but I’ve been sleeping I do quite a bit of that lately. I do have my two wonderful daughters to care for me so I very lucky take care kindest regards Arthur

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@Arty123 thanks for replying. I wish you well on the road to what ever recovery means :smiley::hugs: