Spinal stenosis

Hi everyone I’ve had some answers today.
Had a call from the consultant Quinn twice this week. I’m going to Newcastle for a second opinion as all my results say I have spinal stenosis. He said I have slightly severe spinal stenosis?

I have it in my lower lumber and top of my neck. An operation might have to be done but i won’t get an appointment till after carpel tunnel operation so about June to see the neurosurgeon. And my life just gets crappy and crappy :roll_eyes::cry:

What are the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis?
Pain in the back.
Burning pain going into the buttocks and down into the legs (sciatica)
Numbness, tingling, cramping, or weakness in the legs.
Loss of sensation in the feet.
A weakness in a foot that causes the foot to slap down when walking.

Yes I have all the above! I’ve have been composing since my stroke to no avail in Cumberland hospital. Until my GP found someone to see me.

Sorry to moan on I still have pneumonia so as you can imagine I’m upset to hear this other news.

Has anyone experienced this please? I’m not sure if it’s through the stroke yet though I have been told part of it could be.

Thank you for listening Loraine :cry::blush:

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@Loshy hi Loraine, you really are having a rough time of it aren’t you. I don’t have any experience of spinal stenosis so can’t offer any advice I’m afraid. On the plus side at least it seems like you’re getting some answers and they are going to do something to help improve things for you…….even if it is a bit of a wait.
You have every right to be upset so don’t apologise for that.
Sending you lots of love and hugs. :heart::heart::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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@Pontwander ahhh mark thank you for the video. I’m so sorry you are still suffering with covid and a good news for the drug they have given you. I hope it helps you. I hope your son is feeling a bit better too.

The new 4 doctors are from Newcastle and Penrith they are lovely unlike Cumberland hospital where they are unsympathetic idiotic imbeciles.

Thanks for supporting me Loraine :blush:

@Mrs5K Thank you for being there and listening. I hope you are ok and had a non fatigued day. I appreciate your kind words.

Loraine :hugs::blush::blush::heart:

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Poor you Loraine. You certainly have had a poor deal. You have my sympathy. Best wishes to you Lilian

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@l_platt thanks I just want to zoom forward into next year! :hugs::blush:

I have had two friends with this condition. The key thing is to keep your spirits as high as you can. One of my old friends refuses to let it get her down and still enjoys life.

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@John_Jeff_Maynard please can I ask their ages and did they have an operation or injections?

Thank you for your caring words :blush:

Hi Loshy, in answer to your question, I was diagnosed with degenerative spinal stenosis, 2 years before my stroke. They told me that it was not advisable to have an opp as they couldn’t guarantee that it would be successful. So I have it and have quite bad flare ups now and again, but I have managed to cope with it. In fact I cope with that a lot better than I did with the stroke and the dreaded fatigue!!! Its strange but because everything was explained to me and I understood it all it has made living with it more acceptable (if that makes any sense) I find it is all the uncertainty of a stroke and the after effects, that make it difficult to live with. Anyway sorry to hear about you and hope you find a way of managing it. Take care, Jane,

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Oh Lorraine, it seems as if it’s one thing after another for you, so sorry to hear this.

It’s good they’re sending you to see another consultant, hopefully he have good news about treatment.

Sending you love and big hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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@jane.cobley Thanks Jane for your information so you know what the flare ups are like. Do you have medication or injections to help you?

I feel like it’s never ending.

I get what you mean about the afterwards from a stroke and the uncertainty. Keep smiling as we don’t let the S get us down :hugs:

Thank you for your kind words. Loraine :hugs:

@Mahoney Hi thank you for your kind caring words and hugs. Hopefully I’ll have light at the end of this nightmarish tunnel.

Kind regards Loraine :hugs:

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Morning were you ever offered Vertiflex procedure? Thank you :blush: Loraine

Hi Loshy. The one developed it in her fifties, the other in her sixties. The first friend didn’t attempt an op as they are very risky. The second wasg given the same advice, but then,foolishly, found a private provider who claimed a new laser treatment would work. She spent 10k and it didn’t work.

I believe it is a very risky area to operate on.

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Morning Lorraine @Loshy. Just to say you are not moaning, you have alot of s*** to deal with right now. I have no experience of spinal stenosis so can’t help there, but keep plugging away at it, understanding our conditions is half the battle, especially when the medical profession fail to listen and communicate with us. Sending hugs🤗Julia x

@John_Jeff_Maynard thanks for information and replying John.

I don’t know where this will lead once I’ve seen the neurosurgeon in Newcastle. I’m keeping an open mind.

Best wishes :blush:Loraine

@JuliaH Hi thanks for your lovely kind words. I’ve always been a determined beggar so hopefully my nature will kick in when I see this neurosurgeon.

Have a nice weekend! It comes round fast these days since I had to stop working :roll_eyes: :blush::blush:

@loshy how are you feeling today? Hope you are starting to improve despite everything you are going through. Here’s hoping for a much better weekend for you :hugs::hugs:

Hi loshi, no I was never offered that procedure, that’s a new one on me, will have to look it up. I have been offered injections and amiltryptline for the pain. Thanks for letting me know about this procedure , will look into it. Chin up. Jane.

@Mrs5K hi I’m up dressed and my chest is improving so I’m stronger and feel better today thank you.

Appointment at GPS this afternoon to examine my chest and lungs. (I also had middle lobe syndrome, which means the middle lobe on my right lung collapsed about 3 years ago due to constant chest infections which I know I picked all the bugs up at school, which I’ve now quit).

You too have a nice weekend and thank you for all the support x Loraine