Simple banking

Life gets complicted dunnit? I have a eftpos card and a credit card. They are with different banks. Because of our age the local supermarket does a computer shopping order system plus home delivery to keep us away from mixing with other people.

My wife pays for groceries but I am the computer operator and we go through the supermarket’s showcase together to pick our order. I pay the bill using my credit card and when the bill comes in at the end of the month she then, using her phone, transfers the money from her bank to my bank. All clear so far?

Last month she made a mistake and paid the money into the credit card. No problem, I can add a payee box to the card to enable me to transfer it to my eftpos and as long as I do it promply avoid paying fees. This I started to do but the bank would not complete the transaction till I entered a code number they would send to my phone. Again this is no problem BUT I have changed my phone data supplier and have a new phone number so the text from the bank went into the ether.

To change my phone number I had to appear in the bank personally and discuss it wearing a mask which makes my aphasiaic problems even worse. Add to this my hearing difficulties and you can imagine the confusion. What made it even more tricky was that the bank wanted me to prove my address by showing them a letter addressed to me. This I was not expecting so failed to bring one.
I am hoping to get back to the computer now and complete the operation. I sometimes wish I was back in the old days when one carried a pig to market and swapped it for corn or whisky.

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It’s the Gordian knot bureaucracy is rapidly tying itself and everyone with it into.

Yup, technological advances and procedures are great when they work but cause a lot of problems when they fail.

Hopefully you’ll get it all sorted

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Dear Deigh I love your story. I can sympathise with you. We had a minor accident with an Asda van , no fault of ours. It has been a year in resolution with numerous correspondence on computer and phone. We long for the “old days “ when you could deal with a real person. Lilian

Hi @Deigh Sorry to hear re your financial ‘Escape Room’ experience! I can relate completely. I was happy till a few years ago with my nice and simple flip phone non ‘smart’. After a stay in Hospital…I was literally forced to get an I Phone … mainly because to sign into accounts I was sent links and codes on a NON smart phone … ie I couldn’t tap on the link. Also, I was on pay as you go, so to explain this to any company, I used up all my credit quickly, …blah blah. I won’t go on … but I do miss my flip phone. Have you noticed that Banks or anyone really seem to be hard selling the use of ‘Apps’ more and more? Even at my Surgery, you can only make an appt online now. I too wish for simpler days! :confused: I hope things get easier for you both :sparkles::sparkles: Anne