On the 20th August 2022 whilst ot walking the dog I had a sudden feeling of dizziness and a sensation of being dragged to the right. Though nothing of it. Next day, same again. Thought perhaps I’d best see a doctor for some antibiotics for an ear infection.
From this point on things are a blur. Sent straight to hospital, brain scan, MRI scan. Then told I’d had a cerebral stroke. Lots of drugs and a few days later back in hospital after suffering two bouts of tunnel vision, only to be told I’ve had two TIA’s on the occipital lobe.
I’m still in shock even now. I can’t comprehend what has happened and regularly find myself getting upset and down. It’s all been a massive shock.
Reading on here has helped and some of your stories make my event seem totally trivial.
Thanks for listening .


@Jon1 hi welcome to our forum I’m sorry you’ve had a stroke.

This is a great place to talk. I had a cerebellar stroke back of head and I’m 19 months post stroke, I still become emotionally upset for a small reason now and again. It could be cruelty to animals or children on tv to being unable to peel a potato. It’s part of the parcel I believe.

Keep going best wishes Loraine

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Thank Loshy.
Thanks for your kind words. It’s early days, still upset, shocked, tearful, life has been turned upside down. I will get there.
Keep well


@Jon1 welcome to the forum but sorry you’ve had a stroke & TIAs. It’s really common to be emotional following a stroke. I still get emotional for no reason 11 months on but less often than I used to.
Its a life changing event & can take a while to get your head around what’s happened. I dpn’t think I believed it for many months. You will get to a point of acceptance as time moves on.
Wishing you all the best with your recovery journey.
Best wishes.

Ann x

@Jon1 your welcome.

Have you a hobby you could manage to do jigsaw, painting, colouring or sketching? Something to give you pleasure and a distraction. Keep going.

We have zoom meetings @Bobbi has set up it’s really good to see each other and chat, maybe something to consider!

Kind regards Loraine


Hi Jon @Jon1 so sorry you’ve had a stroke, we’re a friendly bunch here so hopefully you’ll find lots of support and encouragement to help.

Being emotional after a stroke is understandable, it’s not something many of us consider will happen to us and it takes a little time to process.

We’re if you need to talk, best wishes

Welcome @Jon1 … SO sorry to hear the trauma you’ve been through, it’s weird in the beginning because life has changed so quickly. But do keep in the loop here, as so many of the Group here REALLY helped me in the early days and even now. The Stroke Helpline REALLY is helpful, they’re great listeners, and can help signpost you to various organisations/websites etc that may help.

Take it easy, sending positive thoughts to you :sparkles:Anne

Hi Jon

I had my stroke on June 5th out of the blue whilst on holiday. Shocked to the core. Im 50 years of age. I totallly relate to the shock and the feeling upset. It does get a bit easier and you will begin to come to terms with it all. Best of luck to you.

Shwmae @Jon1, aye, being struck is certainly an ambush for many of us. I was 44 when I had a cerebellar stroke, hitherto, six TIAs. I knew I had a brain before stroke, but not like I know my brain now. We’ve become reacquainted in a totally new way. Welcome to our community, and I do hope it eases the burden of rebuilding for you.

Welcome to our forum. What happened to you isn’t trivial. Any form of stroke is potentially life changing and involves both mental trauma and physical effects.if necessary, make lifestyle changes and avoid stressful situations. I wish you well.

Thank you all. I feel more positive after reading your kind words. I know it’s early and still raw but your positivity is awesome. So glad I posted a few words, I wasn’t sure I wanted to share things but so glad I have I feel part of a special group of people.
Keep well, stay strong


Hi Jon ,having been told you’ve had a stroke is a massive shock to a person ,all I can say is it will get easier to deal with ,I’m 9 mths post stroke now and some times I forget I’ve had one !
I’m lucky in some respects as I only have a limp and a bit of dizzyness left .