Sharing some positive news

Just wanted to share some good news with you all. A lot has been happening in my recovery world lately.

Had an offer accepted on our house and one accepted on the bungalow we are looking to buy.
Downsizing has included donating some furniture to a Nigerian family who are moving here with their dad who is a theatre nurse at my local hospital.

Im restarting a few hours work from 1st May…my employers gave been brilliant throughout.

My car is on order through the awesome Motability scheme. Due in a few weeks.

Finally my physio harnessed me up to a treadmill today and ive been walking much more normally on it for what fwkt like ages but really was just a few minutes… he had to stop me as i wanted to carry on and keep on keeping on (@Bobbi - birthday boy).

Im absolutely buzzing and having accepted my stroke, my currently disabled state, adapted my life as a resultwith the love and care of my amazing family and friends and the expertise of the professionals…

Life is good - different but definitely good.

I wish you all a Good Friday and a very enjoyable weekend, whatever you can and want to do - keep happy and let the grey clouds bugger off somewhere else.

Much love to all

Andy xxx…

Ps now to sort the washing out while Julie is at work xxx


@TRFCANDY53 thats fantastic news about the houses congratulations.

You sound so positive thank you for sharing and making me smile as I feel your vibes happy Friday to you and glad everything is falling into place for you and your family.

Get on with the washing :joy::joy::joy: :partying_face:


Thanks a million Loraine xxx.

How are you doing ?

Just ready to go and put 2nd load on !!! Lol…

Lots of love.
Andy xxx


@TRFCANDY53 I’m okish getting there but lots of huddles for me. I can cope with the stroke it’s the rest I don’t seem to manage well. Take care and don’t push yourself look out for the fatigue xx


I really like those words, real poetry that is, Andy.

Glad you are on the upswing. It is always uplifting to hear good news, as always,

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:


Cheers Birthday Monkey!!!

76 going well so far young man?

A blokey hug and :kiss: for your birthday x


:joy::joy::joy::joy: that made me laugh a blokey hug :hugs: @TRFCANDY53 @Bobbi


Great news, You’ve really cheered me up following my recent rant. We downsized to a 2 bedroom bungalow 2 years ago. We have since built a large extension on the rear and now have a large open plan kitchen living room which has made such a difference to our lives, with lots of room for visiting grown up kids and grandchildren. I can honestly say it’s the best thing we’ve done. Good luck with your house negotiations, hope it all goes well for you and your family.

Keep on keeping on with your recovery, sounds like you are going great guns. A big well done to you.
Regards Sue


@TRFCANDY53 so lovely to see so much positive news. Everything coming togethet all at once :partying_face::partying_face:

Exciting times ahead for you. There will be no stopping you soon.

Accepting & finding ways to adapt to things we’d rather not have is a great way to deal with lufe.

No reason why version 2 Andy can’t be just as good or better than Version 1.

Have a fab weekend xx


Thanks Sue that a really lovely message to read xx. The one we sre looking to buy has a gmdorma with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom for our lads to have their own floor!!!
The downstairs space is ideal for us wirh an orangery etc!!!
Love the sound of your place though x

Justboff to put the finsl washing on before my wife gets in from work x

Hope you have a lovely weekend


Nice one Andy! Good news is fab! Stay strong, carry on and have an excellent w/e guys. Carole xx


Great news for you. Onwards and Upwards.


Many thanks Jane xx kind of you to say x

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Thanks Carole xx.

The same to you xx


This is great news for you and making positive strides on the treadmill too.

You do get a buzz from out of it, especially when you can see such promise and hope for the future with it all Keep it coming, you’re moving ever onwards and upwards :smile:


Lovely to read such a positive post. I hope you are very happy in your new home. Anne


Thanks Anne - we WILL be x


That’s excellent news…

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Thanks very much Adrian.

Welcome club no one wants to join.

Its a group full of caring empathetic knowledgeable people who all have ine thing in common - we are all stroke survivors .


Can I ask you about the treadmill ? My physio recommended one to me, she was saying that she found the sub conscious took over ? Ie you didn’t need to think about walking pre stroke and this was a good thing to try to get that sub conscious back in charge ?
Wonder what you thught ?

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