Sharing some good news

Always feel a iittle reticent posting a personal positive thing - as i would hate to feel like im rubbing it into others who aren’t in the same position yet…

In the post today came… my blue badge and
2: DVLA confirmation that medically im fit to drive and my driving licence will be reissued and received in the early new year.

Im really happy about my d/l coming back but also feel a bit weird that my condition and mobility means i qualify for a blue badge.

One of my 3 goals since my stroke back in May 22 was getting back driving so that is a step nearer!!!

Thanks for reading



Good for you Andy!
You shouldn’t feel bad about posting good news as it can be motivating for others. There’s always a Ying to a Yang :yin_yang:.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate the increase to your independence. One word of warning though, that I have found, driving is yet another thing that is fatiguing. I was a very confident driver pre stroke but now find those automatic calculations I used to perform on auto pilot now take some concentration. Similar to walking and other ‘everyday’ tasks that you never realised you were doing.

Enjoy the freedom but start slowly :grin::red_car::racing_car:

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Never apologise for shating good news. We all share in your joy with you.

Great news re driving licence & having a blue badge will make it that bit easier for you. As @Ingo66 says start slowly as driving is veru fatiguing even when you’re well.

Look forward to hearing about your driving exploits.

Ann xx

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Congratulations. You will find the blue badge an enormous help.

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Thanks Mark
My lads (21 and 19) are car mad and are already ‘suggesting’ suitable vehicles… im tryi g to slow them down- literally!!!

Thats great advice and adding new tasks will undoubtedly take time to get used to.

I love driving - always have so im thinking psychologically it will help me in the long term.

Cheers and hope youre looking forward to a good Christmas. Does your cat :cat2: like sprouts?


Thanks John

Yes youre right there i’m sure.


Thanks Ann - appreciate your supportive note back and good sound advice.

Another step towards version 2 of normality im thinking.

See you on a @Bobbi call soon i hope.



Ps have a great Christmas x

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@TRFCANDY53 Woohoo excellent news Andy👍

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Cheers @Mahoney

Andy xx

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That’s great news @TRFCANDY53. It’s not easy negotiating the DVLA system and if you are eligible for a blue badge to make your life easier then so be it. Have you tried applying for PIP?- it reduces the road tax you pay, and it helps me with the running costs although the process for getting it is not easy. I found lots of gadgets on a new car to increase my confidence to feel safer- blind spot monitors, lane assist, rear camera, as many parking sensors as possible, voice controlled sat nav. I still have to remove all unnecessary distractions, and if I’m honest am very selective about when I drive (not driven in the dark yet), but the independence after not driving for a year made a huge positive difference to me. Wishing you all the best,


Haha not sure about veggie diet for cats! This is our first Christmas with him. He’s a rescue we got last March (& a very good stroke therepy cat). My wife & I both like spouts but my 22 year old son doesn’t.

Can’t remember if you have much phyical impairment? I can’t feel my left hand fingertips or much in my left foot so just as well my car is a hybrid as I would struggle with clutch and gear stick. Hopefully one day I’ll have enough feeling but now the future for manual cars is looking fairly bleak.

I bought myself a steering wheel and pedals as I’m a big gamer (baby) and can no longer use a controller so driving games are one of my ways to wind down after work (& I tell the wife it’s good therepy :joy:).

Good luck with choosing a car. Tell your sons a Ferrari may have to wait.

Whats he called Mark …
Ironically my 21 yo loves sprouts 19yo not so much…
My left side still affected, im mobile in the house downstairs independently - my left upper limb still asleep - and i lack control of my left leg…
It’ll have to be an automatic for me from now on. And sonething high enough off the ground i can get in and out of relatively easily.
Gaming is fun but im more your word and puzzles type!!!
Cheers and hope to meet you on a zoom call soon


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Thanks Julia

All good advice and points for when i venture in to Andy Jones Driver version 2!!!
I love driving and have always enjoyed thecfreedom hopefully that will return when i get back to it.
Yes ive been successful with my PIP claim and also an ESA claim which i found out about today!!!

Take good care


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Hi Andy, His name is Buster, the shelter named him and it actually suits him.

Automatic car definitely sounds the sensible option

I hope to join some more of Bobbi’s Zoom calls now I’m over the worst of the busy period at work.

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Proper hard knock then is he!!!
Whats your line of work? And great that you’ve been able to go back to it.

Yeah The zoom calls are great - friendly gentle snd safe to ease back into being sociable again



Delighted for you, Andy!
Very best wishes as you take the steps towards regaining some of your independence!

Kind regards and richest blessings!

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Shwmae Andy, we like good news :grinning: Well done on getting back behind the wheel.

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I work as a pricing analyst, so lots of Excel (which mostly involves the number pad on the keyboard that my good right hand can use). Brain still works fine with regards to the job and my many years experience are still beneficial to the company.

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Thats great and hopefully you can work at home? Or do you travel.

Im hoping to start back up working at home in the new year - from home initially. Reduced hours

Diolch @Rups -i’ll keep you posted as this part of my journey gets going.

Cheers Andy

Ps mums sidebof the family from mid Wales (Welshpool) so felt compelled to use Diolch lol

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