Sensory physiotherapy for CPSP

Hi all

Quick update on my own recovery and CPSP. So today I’ve been back to the stroke unit at royal stoke hospital for an appointment with stroke consultant about my CPSP. Very strange being back there where I spent a couple weeks last year while they got me medically stable before I got transferred to a rehab unit
So I’ve been put on 2700mg of gabapentin a day and see how it goes, and if it doesn’t work to get in touch with them in few weeks and get it upped or changed.
While there they checked my blood pressure which is good and affected left side movement which is good but in the coming weeks I’ll be getting some sensory physiotherapy.
Just wondering if anyone on here has had any and what is and did it help?

Thanks for listening and keep your fingers crossed for me that the CPSP subsides, cos until it does I can’t really move forward to returning to my old normal life :crossed_fingers:


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@stokiejoey sounds like a positive appointment for you. Really hope it all helps & you can get back to the life you want.

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Thanks. I hope so. Had the csp for 7 months now and feel like it’s been mismanaged by my own doctor so far

There’s a guy on IG who had pain issues for more than a year and took gaberpentain & lots more inc. cannabis but I think it’s passed the worst now. He’s screen name is walking on the beach at night. He’s got several accounts that are variations in the name - one has a real rollercoaster account over a few months of his daily meds and how he felt. He noted the time he took what. reviewing would be a struggle I think but could be insightful . Maybe reaching out through his IG he may have lived experience he’d share?

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Cheers. They’re trying to get my pain manageable below a 5/10 It’s currently about 8/10 every day but without the gabapentin it’s a 10/10 so so they do take slight edge off the pain.
They want to keep persisting with the gabapentin cos I’ve had no side effects, so far with them. The also mentioned about the possibility of introducing something else like amytryptoline with them. My gut feeling is that that’s what I’m going to need. Because I’ve been taking gabapentin for a while now, been told I only need to give it 2 or 3 weeks to tell if they’re working or not, and if not to get in touch with my gp to change it and try something else

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@stokiejoey hi I’m on both and they help me quite a lot. Hope you get something to lower the pain .

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Hi Joey
You might be surprised at the time these take to work to their full, 4 to 6 weeks seems to be normal.
It’s certainly no paracetamol.

Amitriptyline often taken in the evening.