Dear Forum Members,
Thanks with the suggestions about no rheum in my right eye,

If I may be so bold I’d like to add a further question.

My stroke was 5 months ago, and I’m still unable to feel someone tap my shoulder stroke-side
I can move my hand & fingers in all positions ( thanks to a Chinese Dr. who worked closely with me )
… but I can’t feel my fingers rubbing up against each other, & I can’t feel if they are touching anything
nor can I feel pressure anywhere else (stroke-side). I can feel temperature change easily (though it feels like pain) and I can feel a bit of surface texture on my skin (a comb running across the back or front of my hand). I also have a complete lack of awareness (proprioception) on my stroke-side.

I will be devasted to live like this for the rest of my life. Does anyone have any advice or ways to stimulate my pressure sensors? Thx in advance, Roland

Hi there. I was very similar to you at that stage. I could move my hand and it had good strength but zero sensation. I was told by OT to use it as much as possible but in truth I often took the easy option of using my right hand. I am left handed but was reasonably ambidextrous. I don’t think it is easy for others to understand how much the brain uses touch for everyday life.

The advise I would give you is exactly what I was told, use it as much as you possibly can!

I am much further down the recovery road than you and my work appointed a neuro OT via their insurance. They are helping with these types of things plus fatigue management. It has only been about 4 months of working with them but my hand function has certainly improved (if not so much the feeling). We also worked on a document to help my work colleagues understand how things are for me. One of the things was to imagine wearing thick gloves and paying for something with cash. Obviously they would take their gloves off but I can’t!

Sorry for the long post but what I’m trying to reinforce is the importance of using your affected side as much as you can. The other thing is patience (which is the hardest part. Resilience & patience are two words you will need to become familiar with.

The good news is that there is still clearly improvement even after all this time and life is definitely very much still worth living.

Chin up, chest out and keep a positive attitude!


Thank you, ingo66. How long ago all together was your stroke ?
It certainly is hard without feeling touch.
To make matters worse, I am (was) a professional violinist
and that has probably all gone out the window.
I am deeply disturbed at not being able to feel.

All the best, Roland

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So sorry to hear that Roland that must be so difficult for you. My stroke was June 2021.

It must be so hard for a musician to lose the sense of touch. I am an analyst so only need my brain and computer to do my job but find it so frustrating doing anything practical like DIY (can’t ride my bike). So I really feel bad for you. Would you be able to teach violin perhaps?

Stay in touch.

Hi Mark,

Only 4 months before mine
I can and do a bit of teaching
but I wish I could demonstrate

cheers, Roland

Mine was 2021 I thought yours was last year?

how careless of me… you’re right, my mistake !!

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Hi Roland. I’m in the same position as you. My left side has very little feeling including my arm and leg. My fingers are very stiff and I cannot hold a fork to eat. As you I have good strength in my arm but I haven’t got much control over it or with my hand. My fingers drive me mad as they just don’t do what I want them to. I try to use my hand as normal but things do just fall out of it with no warning. I certainly wouldnt want to hold a hot coffee in that hand- or a glass of wine! I am 4 months post stroke and honestly thought I would be in a better position by now than I am.

Hi Apple,
I had my stroke in Oct so yours must have been in Nov
It took an insane amount of concentration to relearn all movement
but I did did it with the help of my Chinese Dr.
then I got set backs from injuries trying to build strength
finally as of last week I have my stroke arm going for it again
good luck with your progress, mine is also slow, ciao, Roland
ps. also no wine for me in that hand