Second stroke

Afternoon everyone, back August 20 i suffered a minor TIA and ignored it, fast forward to October 20 suffered a major stroke bleed on the brain, rushed to hospital, and the I lost my speech which came back after a period of time, but lost all upper body strength.

July 21 had my second stroke and again lost speech but this stroke was worse than the first in recovery 8 weeks lots of drooling until speech therapist told me what to do swallow every 2 minutes it worked no more drooling. My hand writing is absolutely terrible, fallen asleep although I don’t feel tired, lost my driving licence that played with my mental health a bit, having to rely on others to get me around when back at work . Still waiting for my class 1 to be returned.

I was asked if I wanted to see the shrink refused, in hindsight I should have seen him / her, might have helped me.

So sorry to hear you’ve had a second stroke John @John2773, whilst it may be to late to see the hospital psychiatrist as you’ve been discharged from hospital, please speak to your GP or stroke consultant to see if you can have another referral. I speak to a counsellor and it certainly helps me.

Stay strong, wishing you all the very best, take care

Hello @John2773. Thats a terrible second predicament to be in. Do you need driving as part of your job? I was glad to hand over the responsibility, as I kind of, hated doing it. Have you tried the `'Here for you" service run by the Stroke Association? Please keep in contact, I am sure our good selves can help you along the way. We are always here on the four, please, do not feel inhibited in posting.

Hi Rups,

Yes, but at the beginning when i came back to work i was picked up at the station and driven to sites and I just felt useless having to rely on someone else. I now have my bike and car licence group 1 back just would like my class 1 HGV back but i think I have to wait a year, being an independent person having a stroke takes that away from you, and the embarrassment when speaking to people but just have to be strong and keep attacking and digging in deep.

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Hi everyone. I have just had a second stroke. I can’t believe it after three years!! I am still in shock and don’t know what to expect in the future. Has anyone else had this experience? I need help. Lilian

Hi Lilian,

It does comes as a shock as you think the doctors have got you on the correct medication and you will be fine. I had my first stroke Oct 20 then second In July 21 and I couldn’t believe it. The consultant had me on a heart rate monitor for a week and that discovered I suffered from AF, 26 attacks in one reporting period, might be worth an ask for one and a change of meds. I was on clopidrol now on apixaban and hopefully I am going to be fine, well thats what I was told.

@l_platt Hello Lilian, sorry to hear that. Do they know why? I think this is every stroke survivors fear of having a follow-up stroke.

Thank you for your help. I will ask about my medication as I too are on clopiderol. I

Hello Rups. Thank you for your reply. It’s early days yet…I don’t know what caused it yet but John suggests it may be my medication and so I will try to find out Lilian

Oh Lilian, I’m sorry to hear this, hopefully it hasn’t left you with more issues to deal with.

Get all the info you can from the stroke consultant and have as many tests as they offer to see if there is an underlying issue they missed first time and as others mentioned check if you’re on the correct medication.

It’s my greatest fear, and I’m so sad you’ve having to deal with a second occurrence yourself.

Wishing you all the very best, stay strong and take care

Dear Mahoney. Thank you for your reply. I am quite well but concerned about what caused it. John thinks it may be my medication,so I wil ask the consultant when I see them.I am determined that it will not beat me. At present the worst affected areas are walking and talking. I can’t communicate clearly and that is very frustrating! I am trying hard with walking. Thank you for your sympathy and I will keep you posted. Love Lilian

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Hi Lilian, So sorry, thought how good you looked on photo, with hubby. No advice, but thinking of you. All the best David.

Pleased to hear you’re doing well, you’re a fighter so I know you’ll stay determined, hopefully the walking and talking will improve quickly for you, yes please keep me updated.

Big hugs, best wishes

Dear David. Thank you for your lovely message. The photo was taken when I did a sponsored walk for the Stroke Association. It was an effort because I had to walk round the local rugby ground. I am doing quite well. The physio has been to me and I am to receive more visits. How are you today? I hope you are well. Lilian

Dear Mahoney. Thank you for your message. I am a fighter and it was quite an experience being admitted to hospital, one of one hundred and thirteen patients on trolleys in the corridor! I have visits from the physio for the next few weeks I was confused when I got a text, wrongly, for an mri scan which I have already had last week. It took all morning to sort out! I will keep in touch. Lilian


Wow, that had to be unnerving, pleased to hear you’ve got some physio visits sorted.

Best wishes

Hello @l_platt (Lilian), was the second stroke a haemorrhage? They do say that Clopiderol has a risk factor of haemorrhage. I recall my consultant saying that, and I thought, ‘Fantastic, so the clot I had, has me now on medication that could potentially lead to a second stroke, but a bleed.’

Hi Lilian, all is well. Thanks David.

Dear Rups. Thank you for your your comments. I have yet to see my consultant but I am on Clopidogoltrol, I hope I have spelled it right! I will let you know what he says Lilian