SAH odd symptoms!

I am 69 and had a non-aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage (grade 1) 2 years ago. A few months after my SAH I developed neuropathic pain.
Over the last few months it seems to have got worse. Lots of stabbing pain around face and head. Also get funny sensations in head feels like it’s just under my scalp.
I also get occasional pins and needles in hands and feet. Also pain in legs and feet. My head also feels sensitive if I lie flat on my back and rest my head or wear a hat.
Seldomly I get a twitch in my leg when sitting like an electric shock.
I paid for a private scan and a consultant as I was worried.
Scan was all clear/normal and consultant seemed unconcerned about above symptoms and put it down to idiopathic (unexplained) pain.
I wondered if these symptoms were exhibited by other members?
Thankyou for any feedback.


@ajharflett hi I’m sorry you’ve had your stroke 2 years ago and welcome to our forum.

I suffer with pins and needles in my left foot under my toes. I also have a weird sensation side of my face when I’m cold or upset. Both my hands I have suffered really badly with pins and needles and numbness but I was tested for carpal tunnel on both hands and I’ve had both hands operated on which went ok.

Hope someone else can advise you a bit better. Kind wishes Loraine

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Thank you for your reply Loraine. V interesting. Best wishes to you too.

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@ajharflett welcome. My pins and needles and neuropathic pain started 6 months after my stroke which was cerebellar.

Thank you for replying - helpful to know that - thanks. Best wishes.

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Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your stroke.

I recognise what you said about the sensitive head. I also get strange sensations when wearing a hat etc…

Thanks so much for that - comforting to know I’m not the only one! Best wishes.

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I can’t provide answers to you but my thnx as you’ve helped me know that some concerns I’ve had occur for others and while they’re not nice they can be present and not hughly sinister omens of impending doom
Im getting mine checked of course (head pain, occasional crawling ants on hand & foot)

Thank you for responding and your comments - it all helps - best wishes.

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Hi and welcome @ajharflett perhaps you could ask your GP to prescribe medication to deal with the nerve pain, it may help. The Stoke Association have a leaflet here so it appears it’s not just you that have these pains.

Best wishes

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my query and for the info too. Best wishes.

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I get similar symptoms and find this even worse than the slowness of regaining mobility! It affects virtually everything …mobility, perception thereof, sleep, ability to relax, eating. I am on a quest to treat this naturally. Acupuncture has been helpful, sometimes experience improvement for a day or so after treatment. Also using sound healing, Reiki, herbs and more. Good to share experiences and useful treatments with other survivors.


Thank you so much. I tried CBT and Yoga which helped some. I have been having Reiki/Therapy like yourself which I have found a big help associated with trying to develop a positive attitude (not easy). I take LOTS of vitamins too! Thank you for your reply. Best wishes.

I get the twitching in my leg, foot, and toes. I’m 4 years post stroke and still struggling. It’s frustrating and depressing.

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Three months after two strokes for me, and I get something similar, odd stabbing pains in legs and feet, sometimes followed by spasm that makes me kick. It’s better than it was at first, I find alcohol exacerbates it. Thank you for sharing, I hope you get better - I do find very hot baths really help.

Thank you for sharing. I get frustrated too! I’ve read a lot of stuff about being positive (helps a bit) though not easy to be positive at times. Reiki has helped me. Best wishes to you.

Thank you for the info and for taking time to reply. Yes I find baths help too. Epsom Salts in the bath help. Best wishes to you and for improved health too.