Right basal ganglia

Hi. Has anyone experienced a stroke involving the right basal ganglia? I have No idea exactly what that means but have just frightened myself by looking it up on the internet. A lot of what it says is what Im suffering from i.e. weakness in left side and numbness but there were other complications that at the moment Im not suffering from but now terrified I will.

Hello, I have had multiple TIAs. Two areas of damage are in my basal ganglia. This affects my balance and coordination (mentally and physically). When walking around I need to use 2 sticks and I also use a rollator for extra support when required.
Mentally my coordination and concentration is affected. Eg. making a meal can be challenging because I easily lose track of what I have to do.

@Apple It’s a double edged sword is knowledge, on the one hand our curiosity and determination wants to learn about what happened to us and how to combat the effects that may be the outcome, then on the other hand we can be frightened by reading and gaining insight into the possibilities and symptoms.

Try to concentrate on improving the effects you do have rather than imagining every possible outcome will happen to you.

Best wishes

Hi Sunnyday. Thanks for answering. I am almost 3 months post stroke. I’m hobbling around the house with a stick! I can’t use 2 sticks or a rollator as my left hand is pretty use and tends to just let go of things it should be holding! Also my left foot occasionally decides to roll over which makes be Liston fall. Have had a splint on it whichhas been pretty useless and now waiting for a bigger one to try and the last resort is Botox.
Must admit I haven’t tried cooking my poor husband is improving his cooking skills!

Mahoney -I’m afraid I’m very much a glass half full person! Always being told to be positive! I’m seeking my GP in about 10 days so will aske him to explain what’s happened in plain English. I also have a MRI in a weeks time so being me I’m worrying about that too.

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Yes I suffered a right thalimic and basal ganglia hemorrhagic stroke back in May. I recovered enough to walk in 5 weeks, drive in 4 months, but suffer from tremendous stiffness and other deficiencies, mostly due to the thalmus damage.
Is there anything specific you are fearful of?

@Apple looking things up can be a blessing & a curse. Most of us can match our symptoms to many things & then you imagine all sorts. You may never get the other symptoms - not everyone will so try not to worry.

Write some questions for your GP appointment so they can explain everything to you.

Sending you best wishes.

Ann x

Hi. Thanks for replying. Just that i really have no idea what a right basal ganglia stroke is but got a bit nervous when the website mentioned change in personality possible Parkinsons and trouble with memory and learning.

Thanks Ann. I know its not good to look things uo on the internet but the temptation is always there especially when you read things you dont understand! I appreciate you and everyone else for answering! Janet

Hi Janet @Apple

It sure is tempting. I’ve scared myself before. I now try to speak to my GP first before looking things up. Doesn’t always work though :grinning:

Hope your GP can put your mind at rest.

Ann x

I have no trouble with memory/learning but my nuerologist did add Parkinsonism to a list of “possibilities” due to my stiffness however r the therapists say it’s just the faulty, post thalimic stroke pain signal and NOT parkinsonism because I’m actually quite flexible. I do the same thing as you and everyone on here is right, it only serves to scare you more.