Residual effects of a TIA

Hello. New to this forum.
I am a 42 yr old guy. Fit healthy active. 3 weeks ago I had a TIA. I had weakness in my right arm followed by slurred speech for about 20 mins. All scans have been clear since. The only residual effects seem to be fatigue. I also have tingling/strange weakness in my right arm and leg. Not enough to stop me doing anything, but concerning and frustrating none the less. Has anyone else experienced this. Any advice or thoughts welcome.


@Samcl welcome to our forum I’m sorry you’ve had your stroke. Mine was different to yours so I cannot help sorry. Maybe someone else can help on here. Wishing you a good recovery :grinning:

@Samcl welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’ve had a TIA. Fatigue seems to be quite normal. I had a stroke so can’t offer TIA advice but many on here have & i’m sure they’ll respond to your post.
Best wishes.

Ann x

I think the fatigue is normal whether you have had a full blown stroke or a TIA they both affect the brain. You say you had scans, did you have an MRI scan as the ordinary CT scan does not pick up a stroke. In any case, you are early days and it will take time for your brain to reright itself, so try not to fight it too much. If you are fatigued, rest and drink plenty of water. Can’t help you with the tingling though, sorry.
Hope your recovery goes well.

I had a CT scan and it picked up multiple small strokes/TIAs. The Radiologist said he could not give me an MRI scan because it might interfere with my pacemaker.
My CT scan was one where they inject some special ‘dye’ into the bloodstream that enhances the scan pictures.

I had a CT and an MRI.
I was all clear.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I understand now about the MRI, sorry to hear you have a pacemaker.
I also understand now that you had the dye injected into your blood stream, which as you said enhances the pictures. I was only going on my experience, where the CT scan did not show my stroke, but the MRI did (cerebular) and was told that a CT scan doesn’t always show up a stroke.
Anyway, glad we have cleared that up!!! You take care and accept your fatigue for the time being, hopefully it will ease.
Best wishes, Jane,

Sorry samci, think I have got confulsed about pacemaker…I think that was a post by someone different (sunnyday)…honestly I think I am losing the plot at the moment :face_with_diagonal_mouth: your reply was had a CT scan and MRI which was all clear.
My apologies for this, I usually am pretty switched on, but obviousely not this morning!!!

Shwmae Jane, cerebellar stroke does not show on CT scan because of the bone density in that area but an MRI will detect it. However, other types of stroke can be picked up on a CT scan. Unfortunately, for us cerebellar stroke survivors, MRI is a more expensive piece of kit. Hope you are fairing well this week :grinning:

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Thanks for reply Rups, I was pretty sure that was it, but glad to have it clarified. Ticking along, that’s about all we can do, but thanks for asking.
Take care, Jane.


Hi Sam, last year around May/June i had a total of around 10 TIAs … first one started with numbness in my lips then in my left hand … very frightening if you have never had one, and i was relatively well at 77 years old apart from lots of joint/arthritis problems … taken by ambulance to hospital where i sat for 6 hours without seeing anyone … finally saw a nurse who gave me a high dose aspirin and sent home …had others next day or two, again hospital not seen just given advise …since then it was discovered i had had two brain bleeds as well … that was last year since then i also often get very tired, and on occassion have tingles in my lip and left hand not perfectly the same as it was The thumb often twitches , feels much weaker than it normally did, which means i cant pick up heavy things with that hand now … still never saw the consultant at Sunderland hospital, but he did phone me to arrange CT scans and MRI … other than that no one seems to give a jot … however someone from the local Stroke Association visited and asked if i were on any benefits NO, cos I worked all my life, and only thing i get is low rate DLA for all the joint and back problems( from years back) … advised me to ask DLA to look at it again as i now have lots of things I can no longer do so perhaps someone on here can advise about that because I am worried if I do i stand the risk of them cancelling even the small amount I get now …I bet there are times you get worried about more TIAs too … i just cant get rid of that feeling and it scares me, especially if i feel i am going to get a headache … but dont worry you will be fine …

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Hi thanks for the response.
The psychology is very interesting. Im young healthy and this came out of the blue. I don’t fit any of the risk factors either. So it messed with my head. I do worry as I have a young son too.
It does seem like once you are discharged, you are on your own.
My bloods show slight anemia. So at least I can try and address that.
Good to talk with people about it. As no one can relate unless you in it.

@Ismeval hi I’m wondering can you claim personal independence payment (Pip) I take it you will have your private pension and state pension.

I’m not sure other than that sorry if I’m not much help. Maybe someone will pick this question up and be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck loraine

I think if not already getting you cant claim PIP over pension age. The alternative is attendance allowance. I would suggest you check with CAB @Ismeval as they know loads about these things & will also help you complete any paperwork.

@Mrs5K @Ismeval yes sorry mrs 5k is right I’ve just looked it up :cry:

The benefits system is sooooo complicated i’m surprised anyone manages to claim anything.

My mother in law claimed attendance allowance a few years ago & the local housing benefits officer helped her claim. Once she got this allowance she was then entitled to other help with things like council tax.

It’s a mine field thats for sure.


Good evening, and welcome!

Variations and similarities… 49 years here, fit, healthy and more active now. My TIA at New Year saw me with no speech at first and then immediately slurry for a couple of days. Tiredness would then cause slurred speech but otherwise okay. Not 100% yet but almost there and in time…

Fatigue is part of this next chapter. Your system is healing. I’d heard - and read, here - there is no value in fighting it. Instead, work with it. By way of example, at first I needed a sleep each day. Then not each day but perhaps just a doze. This has progressed to no sleeps, just a doze, the odd doze and now I’m working with just stopping - with 5-10 mins of just closing my eyes.

You’re the boss. You try things and go with what works. Ultimately, rest is best and improvements will be evident in time.


Thanks jonty.
I’m getting that. Enjoying my dozing the last couple of days.

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39 40 next week had TIA December 2022 - still have issues with my left legs mobility - first month or two I had no energy looking to go back to work soon finger crossed

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Hi, I’m 53 had a TIA around a month ago. I still have fatigue, which at its worst feels pretty unbearable but over all I can mask it well as I can’t let work or family see how bad I feel.

I still get numbness/ feeling weak in my face and hand (weirdly I’m sure I don’t loose any strength though!?!).
I’ve not seen any medical staff since the days it happened. I didn’t recognise what was going on for at least 24hours so it was nearer 48 hours after I took I’ll that I went to GP then they sent me to A&E.
I have never had appointment at TIA clinic so like you I feel there is nowhere to ask what to expect.