I have just had three emails from the Stroke Association. One was about Voices in Research . one was a reply to an email i sent eons ago and one was a summary of replies i had. Frankly i don’t understand it at all. Anyone doing any better
Best wishes Hilary

Same as you… Just don’t get this new site at all!!! Used to enjoy it so much, kept me going. Feel so lost now. Jane.

@jane.cobley keep trying and practicing it does get easier and you will enjoy the forum again. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, I will try!!!

Hi, I’ve discovered that if you click on your photo or letter in top right hand corner it gives a drop down menu. Click on the outline of the person and it gives you another drop down menu, click on preferences then email. This gives you a way of saying never to receiving emails. Hope this helps.

I’m assuming it’s because they are migrating stuff from the old website to the new one. I saw some replies I’d originally posted, with somebody else’s name attributed to them. Teething problems probably. I do like the fact that I get informed when someone posts a reply to my interactions and that I can access the site via an app. I think things will get better.

Thank you for this. I quite like receiving emails but I got a lot on the issue. It must strike a cord.
Also people are starting work now reorganization has happened and old emails are being replied to.
Regards Hilary

Like Jane i will keep trying