Recovery experiences please

Hello, you certainly need patience, but doing a small bit every day or two helps to build you up even if progress is extremely slow, stay with it, every day I find is a different feeling tired one day then a wee bit energy the next, have a good day

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Shwmae @Fib, aye, it’s auditory overload. I had it quite severely early on after stroke. If someone coughed in another room my brain would sting. I used to try and tell myself it was kind of like a superpower but with its own Kryptonite when the noise was of a particular tone or pitch. It has settled down a bit now, but it still gets me when I am fatigued. I bought ear, sound, filter plugs early on and used those. Have lost them now.


hi what part it of essex, i was allright at home, my stroke was mild in hospital two days wrote diary, i was in broomfeld hospital, incidently, where i used to work, changed a lot since 1970 80. i was mobile, my leg and hand were affected, that was may 8th, recovering well, walked 1 and a half miles, but since i was in essex three weeks, my leg is more achy,as it was coaches, buses train to get there and back,cant write with right hand for long, think i overdone it, if i clean one one room thoroughly, i cant do too much more,gety tired. i am 76 just, so am going to have physio next week, cant walk up hills easily, as our bungalow is at the top of village somerset


Blimey, you’ve been through a lot! But you’re still here and getting on with recovery, i hope the physio helps and you make some good improvements. I can only imagine how the journey tires you out :frowning:

I’m in Kelvedon and was taken to Colchester. I remember it all very it was yesterday! The paramedics were really good, they called ahead to make sure stroke nurse/specialist was in a&e when i got there.

I love it here in essex, family are from Finchingfield and Tolleshunt D’Arcy so essex though and through :sunglasses: Everywhere around us is getting so busy, thousands of new houses going up and changing communities everywhere.

My fatigue has improved greatly, when i came home i was sleeping 10-12 hours solid every day. Gone the other way now, good routine and in bed by 9:30 sleep about 10… Waking at 3-4am everyday and wide awake. Ive found an audio book called “This Audiobook will make you fall Asleep”! It is helping quite a lot, i do now drift off a bit before getting up around 6am.

Best wishes on your recovery journey, with you all the way :+1:

i knowcolcester, great neice lives there, one in braintree, neice in borham another great neice other side of hedingham,sister lives in gallewood

my physio was cancelled . have to wait til the 5th