Ramipril problems

Hi everyone. Started Ramipril 1.25mg in Oct 22 with no problems. Gone up to 2.5mg a week ago. Bit of a cough, which I can live with, but seem to have increasing numbness/tingling in feet and hands. Also not sleeping so well and feel a bit dizzy, and am knackered!
Blood pressure was 135/75 when on 1.25mg so tempted to go back down to 1.25mg.
Has anyone else had these side effects from Ramipril please?

@RuthB welcome to our SS forum and sorry you had to join us. I had side effects and came off the Ramioril and now take candesarten . I had a cough too lots of luck kind wishes Loraine

Thanks for reply. Felt the worst ive felt for months!

@RuthB whilst I can’t help with your question, as I don’t take that medication, I just wanted to say hello.

Have a word with your GP as there may be another med that is more suitable for you.

Best wishes

I was also on Ramipril in my early recovery which gave me the most annoying tickly cough. The hospital changed this to Losartan whuch solved the problem and suits me much better.

Hope you find what works for you soon.
Regards Sue

I haven’t had a reaction to ramipril. Perhaps as suggested above, speak to the gp, it might be the sensations are not connected with the medicine but other changes that can happen post stroke… apparently months or even years after.

Hi Ruth,

I had to come off Ramipril as i was the same witb constact coughing.

:slight_smile: :smile:

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