Does anyone take probiotics after their stroke? Have just read they can be helpful to people who have suffered one. Any knowledge would be appreciated. Jane.

Hi Jane @jane.cobley , my GP isn’t keen to give any recommendations with regards to supplements or information re contraindications they may have with the prescribed medication I take so it’s difficult for me to assess what may be good to take.

I’ll be interested in what others have to say about them too :+1:

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t had any other responses for my post, but I am finding new site a nightmare, but I do appreciate your reply. If I hear from anyone I will let you know. Best wishes, Jane.

Hi Jane,
Does what you read explain how probiotics can be of use? It’s not something I’ve ever heard before.

Hi Sheila, thanks for the reply. The articles I have read, say that there is a definate link between the gut and the brain… Neurotransmitters, whatever that means!!! And there has been a success rate with taking probiotics. Most of this research has come from America. But if you Google it you should find more information. Hope that helps. Regards, Jane.

Hello Jane, indeed, the stomach is sometimes called the second brain because it has neurones in it. :grinning:

Thanks Rups, that has clarified it for me. Going to give it a go as feeling so run down at the moment. Jane.

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