Post stroke and 72 hour ECG

Hi all i was wondering how long people have had to wait before having their 72 hour ECG. I am seven weeks post stroke, all my discharge papers from the hospital said I was to have this done but not when?
since having my stroke I seem to be hungry all the time I am trying to eat healthy but finding it difficult and have a craving for salty foods which I know i’m not supposed to have, has anyone experienced this and how have you managed it.

Not experienced that, i seem to have an intolerance for salt post-stroke. You can retrain your sense of taste. if you gradually reduce the amount of salt in your food after a while you won’t notice the difference.

Hi Alf @alf1, it was around 6 weeks post stroke before I had a 24 hour ECG then a further 6 weeks till the results. Unfortunately I can’t give any advice about the salt cravings or always being hungry post stroke as I haven’t experienced that, I would suggest you try using herbs and spices in your cooking opposed to salt as this should add flavour without the detriment of salt, I don’t use salt in any of my cooking and find the food to be quite tasty.

I had one of these a few weeks after being discharged after a mild second stroke last year. The purpose is to check if an irregular heartbeat has caused the stroke. Your best bet is to check with your gp if you have been referred. You will find that you have to sign for the monitor saying you will pay for it if you lose it. If your gp doesn’t know you could check with Cardiology at your local hospital to see if you have been referred.

Many thanks for the advice I will chase up on a monitor.
as for the salt I have never added it when cooking, my craving seems to be for things like peanuts and crisps things i never ate pre stroke, I like the idea of use in more herbs though.

@alf1 must admit I did like salted peanuts, though I don’t eat them now, have you tried a handful of plain nuts instead? I find I quite enjoy a few plain raw almonds now and then. You can purchase a number of different types of shelled raw nuts in supermarkets, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pecans etc. it might take the edge off your craving but go easy on them as they are high in fat. I mix in some pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds (again pre hulled) just a few to pad out the size of the treat, they make a tasty little snack.

It doesn’t take too long before you don’t crave salt (and sugar in my case) with a little perseverance.

Best wishes

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I had my ECG a few weeks after leaving hospital.
Re salty foods, could you perhaps, try using Lo Salt instead of normal salt? Make your own salted nuts or popcorn.
My sense of taste also changed after my stroke. I used to like a glass of white wine or rose, but post stroke it all tasted like vinegar. I’m happy to say my tastebuds are now (7 years later) back to normal and I can enjoy a glass of wine (or 2) at the weekend.

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