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Hello All,
I am not a whinger, I’m curious. I had a stroke on Boxing Day 2004, then hit by another on Boxing Day last year. I have also had encephalitis four years ago. What caps it all is this, my ex wife has just contacted me, I’m sixty five, she is seventy five, she has just returned from America after a one month holiday, good luck to her, I’m not envious but why me?
I am now housebound and the pain is too much, left arm and shoulder and legs, I had problems with things before the stroke due to the encephalitis but I managed. I now have carers for household things shopping and house cleaning, I can’t even change a bed. I personally feel the time given to me for physio was not long enough but I had what the NHS give you. But on the whole I am more than satisfied about what they have done, sorry to drone on, back to my original question, leg and shoulder pain, any ideas please? Thank you.

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@tony1 morning Toni sorry you had a second stroke and unlucky with your health contracting encephalitis.

What sort of pain in your shoulder and leg? Numb, cramp, aching?

Someone might be able to relate if you give us a little more information.

Kind regards Loraine

Shwmae @tony1, gosh, sorry to hear you had encephalitis, I looked it up and it doesn’t sound pleasant. After having a stroke, my world shrunk, this was not necessarily a negative for me as the hubbub of everyday life was unappealing. So, I created a sort micro-environment for myself with hobbies and projects that were as good as any activity others without my impediment were experiencing. Is your leg and shoulder pain nerve related?

Thank you for a kind reply, the stroke coupled with enceph, but I’m not a whinger, things are what they are. But I would do anything to reduce the shoulder and arm pain. 24 hours, meds don’t help but would the pain be worse without? I’ll sit it out, housebound now anyway. Thanks again, take care.

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@tony1 hi Tony, what medication are you taking for pain? I take Garpbentin. I’ve just changed my statins as the muscle pains were awful I’m just trialing for now just started rosuvastatin, used to take artovastatin. When I came off statins for 3 weeks I was ok except for 1 relapse. I wish you well best wishes Loraine