POC Stroke & Central Post Stroke Pain

Hi Ian

Like you said I’ve tried morphine patches, infusions, different medication & the last is cannabis spray & nothing works to be honest. So keep trying see if the hot tub, swimming pool & hydrotherapy works.


How are you getting on Bill? I start meeting with a psychiatrist the week after next, my pain is so bad now, my stroke consultant thinks I am depressed and that I need some brain training. How you doing?

Hope you are seeing improvement I have been my harshest critic since this stroke but having to accept my disability and that it won’t vanish over night only a very long timemey a fellow survor on Monday last week 8 years down the road he looked really wel but still wasn’t completely satisfied, I guess it carries on until ones last breath.

I guess you can say that I have been perseverating about my thalimic pain syndrome, which is how I discovered this old post. I can’t even sit for dinner without stiffness and pain running everything.

I’m curious @hobbah72 -Did you find pain relief by any chance?

Also, @BillHanna, Did you ever find any relief?