Why are ALL stroke patients not offered or checked to assure they have had the pnuemonia vaccines.  This query is in light of the current Covid pandemic

Quite agree with you, they roll out the flu vaccines ( of course they get paid for these ) but no one checks on the pneumonia ones!!!!  I have emphysema as well as being a stroke survivor and had to beg to have the pneumonia vaccine!!!! Honestly the whole system is floored, expecially with GP's not seeing anyone. The Practice Nurses are doing all the blood tests, vaccines etc., so why not the Doctors? Sorry rant over!!!!! Just wanted to let you know how much I agree with you. Best wishes, Jane.

Hi I had the pneumonia injection about 6 months ago. Was offered it 2 years ago and I declined as I had never had any problems in this area. March 2020 as the pandemic started  I got it which I believe was the cause of my stroke. Hope other people are able to get it just by request or maybe you have had to have pneumonia first lol!!!!