PIP Interview in 2 weeks - any advice?

Hi all,
I sent my application a few months ago and was begining to think it must have got lost in the system, but today I got a text informing me of a video appointment in 2 weeks time. The only response I had been expecting was a rejection (as that’s what I’d been led to believe is the usual first step).
Now I’ve got 2 weeks to fret about it so would appreciate any advice from you lovely people.
I will have a look on CAB after work.
Thanks all.

Hi Mark,

I had my PIP interview, telephone one, last week. There is another thread on here that people have put lots of advice on. Hoping this link takes you to it.

In essence they want to know how your condition affects you on a day to day basis. Talk about your bad days and how many you have compared to good days. Answer questions with I can do that but only if…or u can’t do that because. Try not to say just yes or no although sometimes that is enough. Make sure you have a copy of the claim form with you and also look at the scoring table which you should find here.

Be honest. Listen carefully. I had a lot of so obviously you can do… if you can’t correct them. They also asked me about my education and qualifications.

I would just like to say most of the above advice I got from @Des_murphy & @Loshy mixed with a bit of my own experience.

Good luck. Hope it goes well x

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Thanks very much that’s a huge help. I’ll have a good read later.
I knew my forum friends would help :grinning:.
Thanks again.

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Lots of great points made in the chat.
Make sure tell them what it is like on your worst day, quell your desire to talk up your triumphs. This is counter intuitive, but the process is a mechanical tick box exercise and allows for no nuance, so best to stick to clear answers about what you can’t do or have daily difficulty doing, or need another person to help you. Will they visit you or do you have to go to an assessment centre?
Which ever you have to do, don’t worry about it. They probably won’t help much but won’t be out to catch you out. Be honest but do always talk about your worst days. If you suffer fatigue as most of us do, mention it. Tell them about any aids you have to use, including mobility aids, anything you might need to help you get dressed and stuff. Communication is another area they assess on, so anything there that causes issues is worth remembering, like hearing problems if that’s an issue, concentration fatigue.
It is a bit depressing to be forced to focus on everything you can’t do, so you might feel a bit low before and afterwards. It will be worth it. You might want to have someone with you if that’s possible. I would have found it hard on my own, but was fortunate to have always been accompanied on these assessments.
It will go against the grain to be presenting your ‘worst-day self’, but that’s how it works, so just grit your teeth, and tell them how hard it is, because it is and you need the support.
I hope it goes well for you. Plan in a treat afterwards if you can.
Tell us how it goes.

Best wishes

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Thank you so much Tony for your long & detailed reply, it does certainly go against the grain having to do it this way but I understand that’s how it is done. It is a video appointment - I’ll have my wife with me for support, memory & help with hearing & understanding the questions.

9am is not a good time for me as I’m slow getting going in the morning ( but it’s preferable to 5pm!).

Thanks also John, that will save me having to search for it.

I’ll let you all know how I get on.

I had my appointment at 9:15. Early for me these days as I too struggle to get moving in a morning. As mine was a telephone appointment I did it in my PJs🤣
Good luck

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Lol :rofl::rofl:. Love it. Wonder if I’d get away with that if I turn my camera off?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: would be quite funny if you did turn up in your PJs. Wonder if it’d help your claim :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That’s not official advice of course :grin::grin::grin::grin:

@Ingo66 good luck I’m still waiting to hear. Let us know how you get in. Best wishes Loraine

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When I filled in my form I was told you MUST put an answer in each box as everyone means money!

Mine has been put back twice from Dumfries and I told them I cannot make it there to now Carlisle a face to face. Just had a message this minute to say it’s a video call 13 July! Good luck Clare :grin:

Had my video interview on Monday but I had already resigned myself to the fact that I will score next to nothing on their point system. I was not looking forward to it as I’ve read some things that say they can be quite unpleasant (I almost cancelled).
Anyway even if I get nothing, I tried and it was actually totally fine. Took an hour & 15 but the lady was perfectly nice.
Not my fault if I am able to walk further than their payout limit or if I can manage to dress/wash myself.
I didn’t try and make things sound worse than they are but equally didn’t sound like superman.
If the system says I’m not entitled to any benefits then so be it.
I’ve got a 2 month wait now for them to tell me but what I don’t understand is why they bothered selecting me for interview after reading my application?

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Hi @Ingo66 mark. I’m not looking forward to mine I feel like it’s a lot of stress the run up to it and you were on video cal 1 hour 15 mins seems a while! My hubby is sitting in on it with me too. Fingers crossed you receive the allowance after being put through the process. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks, I’m honestly not expecting anything but was advised by several people to put the application in. I had my wife just sitting to the side but really wasn’t an unpleasant experience. I was honest and didn’t act like I was worse than I am (although did think about the harder days).
The scoring system is a bit of a joke. I was pretty fit and active (long walks, cycling, gym) before the stroke and now nowhere near the same level but I can push myself to walk a couple of miles so it is all relative.
But I guess they have to have some guidelines to work with.
My numb (dominant) hand obviously impacts me but doesn’t really fit into their form questions. I did mention cooking and lack of heat feeling. Also using cutlery is difficult but again not worth much on their system. I do work but explained I’m trying to get my hours reduced as I can’t cope with the fatigue.
I’m 56 and worked my whole life since 17 but when it comes to asking for something back?
Anyway who knows they my take pity on me and offer a low payment (which I’d be more than happy with).
I hope I haven’t put you off as it really wasn’t a bad experience.
Hope your goes well, don’t stress it doesn’t help & hopefully you’ll get a nice one like I did. No point in arguing or worrying as they are just doing their job. Be honest but don’t hold back any details (I had a bit of incontinence I told them about).

Good luck :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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Lol. Got a letter from DWP today. Zero points. Wow I must be 100% fine then.
I knew from the points scoring table someone posted on these forums that I wouldn’t qualify but that’s not my fault it’s the stupid system. I’m half the person I used to be but according to DWP that’s good enough.:rofl: What a waste of time. I bet they picked me for interview so they could boost their rejection stats without appeal.

Had a 1 hour phone interview today with my work’s insurer to see if they can help with reducing my hours so I don’t have to use all my holiday just to get through the week. She sounded sympathetic and actually said “you shouldn’t have to use all your holiday for that”.

Oh well onwards and upwards.

@Ingo66 Hi Mark, sorry to hear you got 0 points. I do wonder sometimes how they work it all out. I got some points on mine but not enough to be awarded but there were some glaring errors in it so I submitted my mandatory reconsideration this morning. I’d advise you to do the same. You have nothing to lose.
I hope your insurer can help with your leave situation. I agree you shouldn’t be using your leave to make up your hours.
Best regards


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Thanks Ann, I don’t think it is worth appealing as, even though they made some assumptions, I don’t think I would get enough points based on their fairly rigid rules.
Hopefully my work insurance will give me some financial assistance.

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Hello @Ingo66. It’s infuriating. I also scored a big fat zero. Cannot understand it. I’ve been unable to go anywhere since I left hospital last September unless someone takes me, I walk or carefully cycle but will only do this on quiet roads or cycle paths. Looking into buying a car since passing my driving assessment ( lost my car in the accident ) but the money is a huge issue when I have little coming in and cannot work. I am waiting to hear about a tribunal still after having my mandatory reconsideration rejected. Hold out no hope of being listened to nor getting anywhere but their system is flawed and if nothing else by not accepting their judgement I hope I am making a point. If you feel up to it you should submit a mandatory reconsideration. All the best, Julia x


Thanks Julia for your advice and sorry you also got a zero. I know they have to have rules but for someone who is 80 and can’t walk 200 yards vs someone who is 56 and was able to walk over 4 miles in an hour and can still manage over a mile is not comparing like for like.
honestly there should be some comparison to show the reduction in quality of life and it should be reletive.
I’ll think about the appeal if it doesn’t look too time consuming if only to give them some extra paperwork!