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Any news on whether the new Scottish system is a bit more inderstanding

@Briansmith1962 I haven’t heard anything about the Scottish system. I would imagine it to be similar to the rest of the UK but hopefully they are a bit more understanding.

Hi All

I have a telephone appointment with the ESA people on Monday. Can anyone shed any light on what they might ask me? Is it similar to the PIP interview?

I completed the questionnaire and I’ve had a call with them it’s more about if you can work, look after yourself. I think it’s similar to PiP but I haven’t had that yet. I got ESA till January I had it back dated to January. There’s 2 tiers. @Des_murphy knows quite a lot he had the call too he may help. Good luck. X

@Loshy thank you Loraine. I have all my notes from PIP still so will have those to hand in case I need them. xx

@Mrs5K did you complete forms for ESA too? I did and submitted them it’s not the same as PiP look through some of the threads fo ESA click on Des link there’s some info on here.

@Loshy I completed an application form online but i think it just asked for things like Name, Address, employer & when SSP ended. Don’t recall it asking for anything else. I’m hoping it’ll be a bit simpler than PIP. I Will look through the threads. Thank you xx

Look at the one I copied for you click on it and read through them . It’s all about safety and looking after yourself I think :face_with_monocle:

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That’s what I’m hoping

I applied for new style ESA as my SSP came to an end. They have paid me the first payment this week & I received notification today that I’ll get £77 per week. I also received a work capability assessment form to complete. If I’m reading it right I assume this form is for them to decide if I have limited capability for work or not. My intention is to return to work (fingers crossed) therefore I’m not sure I want to be classed as having limited capability for work at this stage. Am I missing something or completely misunderstood it? Helpppppppppp :blush::blush::blush::blush:
Thank you
Ann xx

Hello Ann @Mrs5K. Glad you have got the ESA sorted. Sorry I can’t offer any advice. It’s so complicated, you want to be truthful but also are aware that you don’t want to say something that could be used against you in the future. Hope someone can shed some light on it for you, Julia x

Thank you @JuliaH

It’s all so confusing isn’t it :thinking:

Ann x

@Mrs5K @David3 has excellent advice ask him. X

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If you are put into support group for ESA you can still work up too 16 hours a week and earn about£147 week. At anytime you can go back to work even in the support group if you are in the support group you get £117 a week

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@Des_murphy thank you. I was beginning to panic thinking if they assess I’m not fit for work that I wouldn’t be able to return. Phew

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Thank you @Loshy. Much appreciated xx

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Hi , I got PIP , about 2.5 years ago . Before covid. Can’t travel, got home visit. All rather intimidating & overpowering. Don’t know if pleased is correct? But awarded full, on both . Like most rather was dreading, renewal date . Sent in required medical info. Again not sure if pleased, is best word . Told, I had been put on / soft approach? / ie no need to be reassest for 10 years? I am 64 now , so would probably be getting state pension, understand can’t get both , interested, if anyone knows what might then happen? Do feel this could all be made simpler. Good luck David.

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@David3 this link explains a bit about what happens to PIP when you reach pension age. As far as I know you can have state pension & PIP or equivalent.

I’m with you on whether being pleased is the right term for getting PIP. It seems odd to be pleased about getting a disability payment. But on the other hand if you’re disabled you do have extra costs etc so why not be pleased to get some help with these.

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Hi Ann, Yes very helpful. Best of luck. David.

Just to be clear if you work more then 16 hours or earn more then £147 a week then either it taken off u ESA pound for pound or u ESA is stopped. If you want to work for up to 16 hours it’s called permitted work and you fill in a form and DWP then decided if you can do the work with kind regards des